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How to clean a candle


How to clean a candle</a>

The average life of a car's candles is limited.

Pass on one set can be from 25 to 35 thousand km (it all depends on the manufacturer).

But the candles can become worthless before this value of mileage.

This happens because of the deposit that forms on them.

Therefore, periodically they must be cleaned.

You will need

  • A rag, a brush of fine steel wire, phosphoric acid (otherwise -? Rust converter?).



It is necessary to unscrew the candle.


Then you need to remove the loose layer of carbon from the candle with a dry rag.


In a small container (it is possible in a glass) to pour phosphoric acid and to lower there a candle, having arranged it vertically. In this case, only contacts and threads must be in the acid.


Hold the candle in a glass with a solution of 20-30 minutes and get it from there.


Again wipe the candle with a clean dry rag,Removing the acid residues. From the threads, the acid must be cleaned with a cloth wrapped in a sharp object (knife). Contacts of the candle can be cleaned by wrapping a flat object with a rag (for example, a feeler gauge). When cleaning it is important not to damage the thread and do not bend the contacts.

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