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How to clean a candle

How to clean a candle

Average car candles limited resource.

Continue on the same set can be from 25 to 35 thousand kilometers (all depends on the manufacturer).

But candles can come into disrepair before this run value.

This happens because of the soot, which they formed.

Therefore, they need to be cleaned periodically.

You will need

  • Rag, brush a thin steel wire, phosphoric acid (aka - Rust?).



It is necessary to unscrew the spark plug.


Next, you need to remove the loose layer of soot from the candles with a dry cloth.


In a small container (can be in glass) to pour phosphoric acid and lower back a candle, placing it vertically. In the acid must be a contact and thread.


Hold a candle in a glass with a solution of 20-30 minutes and get her out of there.


Again rub the candle with a clean dry cloth,removing acid residues. With thread acid should be removed with a cloth wrapped on a sharp object (knife). Contact candles can be cleaned, wrapped with a cloth flat object (eg, probe). When cleaning is important not to damage the threads and not bend the pins.

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