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CLASSICAL and European kind of manicure


Classic and European style of manicure</a>

Beauty salons use various techniques for manicure and nail care. There are quite a few types of manicure.

This procedure requires a special approach.

After all, each person's nails are different.

You will need

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Classic manicure. It is also called edging. It is considered the most widespread and popular. His technique is not so complicated and is used in all beauty salons. First, the client is softened by the cuticle. To do this, use a water bath. This kind is also called a wet manicure. Using the nail file, the nails are shaped to the desired shape. Cuticles are cut with special scissors.


Who is recommended to do this manicure. People whose skin is rough, and cuticle is very thick, a classic manicure is recommended. Its cost is approximately 650 rubles. This procedure is traumatic, so contact only specialists.


European manicure or not edging.
Initially, give the nails the desired shape, but only after apply on the cuticle oil. It softens it. It also prevents growth. After softening, she is removed with a stick. You can use a pumice stone.


Who to do this kind of manicure. The European manicure is not traumatic, sparing, therefore suitable for people with thin skin near the nail plate and who have close vessels.
The cost of the procedure is about 650 rubles.

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