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Civil marriage and legal relations


Civil marriage is a prelude to relationships,Registered in the manner prescribed by law. On how the couple will live in a civil marriage, depends on how their relationship will develop further.

Despite the fact that the family can be calledOnly legalized relationships, many couples live in a civil marriage. This form of relations implies joint management of the economy and residence without official registration.

What can you say about such a relationship? On the one hand, when a couple decides to live together without registration - this can be interpreted as a mutual check. The feelings, the financial side of the question are checked, people look at each other in everyday life.

For each partner, such a relationship may seem unstable. They say, it is not registered, you do not even need to file for divorce. Just left (left) - and that's it.

In fact, such a judgment is deeply mistakenFor those couples who really decide to start a family. Civil marriage can still be interpreted as an examination before real, legitimate relations. The fact with which the art will pass this exam by both partners will subsequently directly affect their future lives. All that is peculiar to a real family will be peculiar to people living in a civil marriage. Of the bad can be noted discord, turmoil, misunderstanding, quarrels. Daily work is the work of solving problems, understanding each other, creating comfortable living conditions for each other - that's what civil marriage is.

Having passed this examination successfully and having connected theRelations with official registration, partners in no way should be satisfied in terms of understanding each other. There is a deeply mistaken view that after living for 10 years or more, partners simply can not divorce. This is far from the case. The most difficult thing in the future life of partners is to carry that freshness and timidity of relationships in a year, when everything seems so ordinary and familiar.

Civil marriage is a prelude to the beginninglife together. Go to a joint residence or immediately register their relationship in accordance with the procedure established by law - this is a personal matter for each newly formed couple, and this decision partners must take together. The share of risk in the development of the conflict is, of course, present here, but the more responsible it will be to pass such an exam. And the wiser the two partners should behave themselves, in order to prevent the disintegration of an unformed family in a difficult situation.

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