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Cities and beaches of Crete

Cities and beaches of Crete

Crete - the largest Greek island.

Here is what to do beach lovers, adventure sports, autotravel and boating.

1. Hersonissos

The most famous resort on the island of youth,Located near the capital city of Heraklion. Hersonissos - small, but bustling and vibrant town, with lots of nightclubs, restaurants, bars, shops and stores suvinirnyh. There is also a water park. In the distance, along the coast there are hotels that are perfectly suited for family holidays. Between the cities have bus service.

2. Malia

The lively resort east of Heraklion, close to Hersonissos. There is also a night life, but not in the same scale as the first resort.

3. Amoudara

Beautiful sandy beach, for those seeking a relaxing holiday or for families with children. And if you want to go to the club, then go to Heraklion is not far away.

4. Agios Nikolaus

He is considered to be the most beautiful on the island. There are not so many tourists, and you can feel the atmosphere of a Mediterranean town. Wander through the narrow streets, sit in a Greek tavern and potantsevet sertaki. The beach here is small. From the small port depart excursion boats to the island of Spinalonga, which was formerly a hospital for lepers.

5. Rethymno and surroundings

There is also a lot of narrow streets, authentictaverns, as well as the beautiful castle and the port. Italians to build the city, and that is reflected in the architecture. In the surroundings of Rethymno are the beautiful beaches and great hotels.

6. Chania

City in the western part of the island. Here, too, there is an airport, but the Russian charters do not fly here, so Russian tourists is much less than in the vicinity of Heraklion. Here is the beautiful nature on the island - the mountains, lots of greenery, clear sea. Also interesting architecture and jazz festivals. It is here that you can feel the real culture of the island's inhabitants.

7. Ierapetra

The city in the south of the island. The tourist season lasts the longest, up to November, as this is the most "hot" point of Greece. In the city you can find interesting buildings and museums. Every year here are organized excursions to the island of Chrissi, with crystal-clear water.

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