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CHRISTMAS spruce pasta

Christmas fir pasta

Soon we will have to think about where to buy the New Year Christmas tree. If you are a supporter of artificial Christmas trees, then I think you will like this idea: make Christmas tree with his hands.

Let's start!

You will need

  • - Pasta rozhki-
  • - vatman-
  • - Golden color of ballonchika-
  • - dozhdik-
  • - Glue.



The first thing to do - is to twist the drawing paper, but the twist is correct - in the form of a cone. Then you need to glue it. Do this on the edge of the speaker.


Now we take our makaroshki dunk each in the glue and glue to poster paper. Getting glued near the top. And so on until the end of the future paste herringbone rows.


After the tree is completely glued macaroni, apply paint on it, and then let it dry.


Take the rain and glue it between rows of macaroni. It remains only to dress up this lovely Christmas tree. Successful craft you!

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