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New Year's spruce from macaroni


New Year's spruce from macaroni</a>

Soon we will have to think about where to buy a New Year tree. If you are a supporter of artificial trees, I think you'll like this idea: to make a New Year tree with your own hands.

Let's start!

You will need

  • - pasta ham-
  • - Whatman-
  • - golden paint from canister-
  • - rain-
  • - glue.



The first thing to do is to twist the Whatman paper, but twist it correctly - in the form of a cone. Then you need to glue it together. Do it over the protruding edge.


Now take our macaroons, dunk each in glue and glue to the paper. We start to glue near the top. And so to the end pasting the future herringbone in rows.


After the Christmas tree is completely pasted with pasta, it is necessary to put a paint on it, then let it dry.


Take the rain and glue it between the rows of pasta. It remains only to dress this charming Christmas tree. Successful crafts to you!

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