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NEW YEAR'S GARLAND with own hands


New Year's Garland</a>

We are all in anticipation of the New Year. We fuss, we run after presents and decorate our house.

Every year, of course, I want to do everything in a special way.

If you are bored with your old garlands, then you can fix it! We will apply a little creativity to this matter, and we will get something special and unusual.

Let's start!

You will need

  • - a garland with thin little light bulbs-
  • - 2-3 packs of plastic tennis balls-
  • - a drill with a not very thick drill-
  • - Vise-
  • - glue.



So, we proceed directly to manufacturingGarlands. First of all, what you need to do is to drill small holes in tennis balls. We do it this way - we take a vice and hold the ball there, only so that it does not get scratched, that is, it is necessary to lay small gaskets from the fabric on both sides. Well, then, we also drill a hole. So do with all the balls.


The following action is the easiest and simplest. Simply need to insert the lights of the garland in the drilled holes of tennis balls.


Well, the last step is to glue the balls toGarland. Do it very carefully, preferably with a special gun. When gluing balls, be careful that they do not in any case touch the garland bulb. That's it! Now instead of the usual garlands you have new and completely unusual glowing balls! Good luck!

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