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Christmas garland with their hands

Christmas garland with their hands

We are all in anticipation of the New Year. Vanities, run for gifts and decorate his home.

Each year, of course, I want to do everything in a special way.

If you are bored with your old garland, you can fix it! With a little creativity in this matter, and we have something special and different.

Let's start!

You will need

  • - Garland with thin small lampochkami-
  • - 2-3 packing plastic tennis sharikov-
  • - Drill with not very thick sverlom-
  • - tiski-
  • - Glue.



So, we proceed directly to the manufacture ofGarlands. The first thing to do - is to drill a small hole in the tennis balls. Doing so - and take a grip of the ball stifle there, just so it will not scratch, that is, you need to put a little fabric lining on both sides. Well, then, soostvetstvenno and drill hole. So proceed with all the balls.


The next step is the easiest and simplest. Quite simply need to insert bulb garlands into the drilled hole of tennis balls.


Well, and the last step will be sticking to the ballsgarland. Do this very carefully, preferably a special gun. Gluing balls, watch out for, so that they in any case do not touch the bulb garlands. That's it! Now, instead of the usual garlands you were new and quite unusual glowing balls! Good luck!

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