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CHOOSING A TV (part 2: the screen resolution)

Select TV (part 2: the screen resolution)

TV Choice - is not easy.

The range of shops is huge. And how to understand what is right for you from this variety?

Let's look at the basic parameters.

It is necessary to determine the quality of the image, that is,select the resolution of the TV. Under the TV resolution means the number of pixels per inch. The more pixels, the higher the resolution, ie the better the picture quality. Usually all the resolution refers to the second, a smaller number and letters i or p. The letter i denotes interlaced and p means progressive scan (p - better quality). That is, for example, the resolution 852h480 with progressive scan will be referred to as (480p).

At the moment, the main TVbroadcast signal with the 576i resolution. But with the transition to digital television is a lot of video providers began to provide signals with a resolution of 720p and 1080i. This so-called HD or HD Ready quality or high definition quality.

Basically, if you have a TV in the house onlyfor what would have to watch what pokazyvaetyut air channels, no matter what, whether it is free or standard cable or satellite, the TV with HD quality will suffice. If you like to make a house a home theater, then you should pay attention, at least for FullHD (1080p) or as a new but rapidly gaining momentum resolution Ultra HD (4k). Full HD is quite a budget, and content for it "more than enough". Ultra HD - is expensive. Yes and content for it is in short supply. Therefore, if you do not kinomanyak, the TV with the quality of Full HD - for you.

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