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CHOOSING a tour to Spain


Fountain in Valencia</a>

Spain - the most mysterious and fabulous country, a kind of paradise for tourists.

No wonder the ancient Greeks believed that here the golden apples of Hercules grow, and for the Arabs, Spain was the Gateway to Paradise.

Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Toledo - these names of citiesKnown throughout the world. Spain is the capital of museums, galleries, palaces. But what kind of tour to Spain? If this is your first tour to Spain, we advise you to start acquaintance with this amazing country tour to Valencia.
Valencia is both a province and a city in Spain, founded by the Greeks as far back as 138 BC. And later captured by the Romans. The modern name of Valencia was received from Decius Junius Brutus.

Valencia is third, behind only Madrid and Barcelona. Luxurious nature, magnificent beaches, the blue flag of the EU testifying to the purity of the water.

The coastline of Valencia with excellent resorts, hotels and beaches stretched for almost 485 kilometers.

Attractions in Valencia

What can you see in Valencia? First of all, it is worth to visit the center of Valencia, the area of ​​Ayuntamiento, on which the old town hall is located. The most vibrant and noisy place in Valencia is the slightly more northerly Mercado square, on which is one of the largest markets in Europe.
Valencia is also a city of science and art,The symbol of this title is the city of Arts and Science, created by Calatrava. Here tourists can visit the Planetary Cinema of the Hemisphere, the Museum of Science and the Palace of Arts.
Also popular is the oceanographic park with the largest aquarium in the world, where you can see more than ten thousand fish.
Valencia has its own historical museum, many narrow streets, fountains, ancient buildings.
Lovers of excursions await Lake Apo, located in the vicinity of Valencia, and several caves.

Resorts and Beaches of Valencia

Perhaps, most of all, Valencia is famous for its magnificent resorts. When choosing a tour to Spain, it should be remembered that nowhere in Spain there are such excellent beaches as in Valencia.

The most popular and fashionable resorts areAlicante, Peniscola, Costa Blanca, Costa de Valence, Costa de Asaar. There are at least 450 hotels here. To the services of tourists - bars, restaurants, entertainment programs, all available sports. Starting from tennis and football and ending with sea sports such as diving, water skiing, windsurfing. Excellent beaches with everything you need for a beach holiday.

One of the best not only in Valencia, but also inThe whole of Spain is the Costa Blanca beach - "White Beach". The name of the beach came from the color of sand. The white color of sand is a distinctive feature of the beaches of Valencia. The beaches of Valencia stretch from Benicasim to Torrevieja. In total, there are 100 beaches in Valencia. The first popular beach is the famous Playa de Levante beach. Equally popular are the beaches of Denia: Les Rotes and Les Marines.

If you wish and the opportunity, you can rent a separate apartment for rent or for the whole rest period.

There are in Valencia and beaches for nudists, the number of which is growing every year. The most popular Tres Playas in Alcocebre.

In the vicinity of Valencia, you can go for a bike ride or ride a horse. You can also make a walk, admire the low rocks and beautiful seascapes.

The cost of a holiday in Valencia from 578 $.
Tour to Spain will remain a vivid memory in your memory for a long time!

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