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Installation skirting - one of the last stages in the repair.

This element of the interior is designed to hide cracksBetween the floor and the wall, and also give the room a finish - with the right selection of skirting become an integral part of the design of the room and can emphasize all the advantages of decoration.

Choice of colors

When choosing a material, you should pay attention to 3 main parameters:

- type of flooring-
- color range of walls and floor-
- Matching the color and texture of the doors.

Buying skirting boards is best done afterFinishing the room so that you can guess in advance how this element of the interior will look. Typically, the material is selected in a single color with a floor covering, but sometimes it is allowed to use tones that can be slightly darker or lighter. In some cases, skirting boards are chosen for wall decoration, especially if they are painted in a uniform color. Sometimes this element of repair is chosen under the color of doors, furniture or interior details.

It is not necessary to select skirting boards for multi-colored walls or bright wallpaper.

The correct size of skirting boards is selected inDepending on the size of the room. So, if the room has a large height or area, do not install thin elements, and it is best to choose a wide baguette. Thin skirting boards are suitable for small and low rooms. For standard rooms, products with a height of 45-75 mm are used.

The material of the plinth depends on the type of floorCoverage and requirements to which the premises must correspond. For coverings from a board, a parquet or a high-quality laminate it is possible to use products made of a tree. For a laminated floor of an average price category, linoleum or carpet we should use MDF or plastic materials. For a ceramic tile, skirting boards made of plastic or ceramics are suitable.

Varieties of materials

Wooden skirting boards are made from solid wood,They are completely ecological and easily fixed to the wall. They can be cut, dismantled or repaired by yourself. The disadvantage of this material is that it has an increased sensitivity to humidity in the room, because of which it can spoil and crack. Do not install wooden products in the bathrooms and toilets. The most expensive materials are linden and oak, the cheapest are pine. When buying, pay attention to the massive class of wood.

It is desirable to order skirting from the same manufacturer who ordered the flooring.

Skirting boards are lighter and made ofNot from an array, but from two parts - the base and the covering. The base is usually made of spruce or pine, and the cover is made of expensive wood. When choosing, pay attention to the presence of a cable channel, which will help to hide the wires in the room.

Products based on MDF are made fromCompressed wood fibers with the addition of special substances. They are not afraid of moisture and dirt, but are cheaper than some wooden skirting boards. They can be attached to absolutely any adhesive composition. There are also skirting boards made of plastic, which are the cheapest. Despite this, they are not afraid of moisture and dirt, do not rot and are much more durable than wooden ones. Plastic products are easy to install and are attached with screws to the wall.

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