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Choosing plinth

Installation of plinths - one of the last stages in the repair.

This element of the interior is designed to cover the gapbetween the floor and wall, as well as give the room a finished - given the right skirting boards are becoming an integral part of the design space and are able to emphasize the dignity of finishing.

The choice of colors

In choosing the material should pay attention to three main parameters:

- Type of floor Coatings
- Colors of the walls and pola-
- Matching the color and texture of the door.

Buying plinths best to make afterfinishing facilities to be able to advance to imagine how it will look this element of the interior. Typically, the material is chosen in one color with the flooring, but sometimes the use of colors is permitted, which may be slightly darker or lighter. In some instances, skirtings selected for finishing of walls, especially if they are painted in a uniform color. Sometimes the repair item is selected the color of doors, furniture or interior parts.

It is not necessary to pick up a colorful wall plinths or bright wallpaper.

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The correct size is selected in the baseboardsDepending on the size of the room. For example, if the room has a large height or area, it is not necessary to establish the subtle elements, and it is better to choose a baguette. Thin skirting boards are suitable for small and low rooms. For standard buildings used the product height of 45-75 mm.

skirting material depends on the type of floorcoverage and requirements that must comply with the room. For the coating of boards, parquet or laminate, you can use high-quality products made of wood. For laminate flooring the average price category, linoleum or carpet should use MDF or plastic materials. For ceramic tile baseboards suitable plastic or ceramic.

Variety of materials

Wooden skirting boards made of solid wood,they are completely harmless and easily fixed to the wall. They can be trimmed independently, to dismantle or repair. The disadvantage of this material is that it has a high sensitivity to humidity, due to which it can deteriorate and crack. It is not necessary to install wood products in the bathrooms and toilets. The most expensive material - lime-tree and the oak, the cheapest - pine. When you buy should pay attention to the class of massive wood.

Plinth is advisable to order from the same manufacturer, which has the order of flooring was made.

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Skirting boards veneer lighter and madethan the array, and the two parts - the base and cover. The base is usually made of spruce or pine, and the coating is made of wood expensive breeds. When choosing a look for the presence of the cable channel, which will help hide the wires inside.

Products on the basis of MDF made frompressed wood fibers with the addition of special substances. They are not afraid of moisture and dirt, and are cheaper some wooden baseboards. They can be fastened to absolutely any adhesive. There are skirting boards made of plastic, which are the cheapest. Despite this, they are not afraid of moisture and dirt, do not rot and are much more durable than wood. Plastic products are easy to install and are attached with screws to the wall.

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