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CHOOSE a device for reading: LCD or E-Ink


Choose a device for reading: LCD or E-Ink</a>

There are two main types of screen. This LCD, better known as LCD, and E-Ink - on liquid ink technology.

Literally 2-3 years ago the choice of the device for reading was obvious - E-Ink. Such devices last longer from battery and according to numerous reviews of their owners and experts are more safe for eyes.

But today much has changed.

So what should we choose?



E-Ink screens really still have more contrast. For this reason, in bright light, for example in the sun, they have a huge advantage against LCD screens.
However, it seems that the damage to the eyes fromLCD-devices is somewhat overrated. Eye fatigue often occurred not from the "passing light", as claimed by some experts, but from looking at fuzzy letters on not very high-quality screens.
The main experts in the eyes - ophthalmologists, both ours and Westerners, agree that there is no difference for the eye: passing light (as in LCD) or reflected (in E-Ink).
So today there is no such catastrophic difference in the screens from this point of view, but when buying, be guided by high-resolution matrices - they are, as a rule, more modern and qualitative.


From a software point of view, LCD and E-Ink todayFull parity. Generally recognized programs for reading, like CoolReader, exist on all mobile platforms. And in the specialized devices for reading on E-Ink, the Android operating system is increasingly being installed, which makes it possible to use more than 20 different programs for comfortable reading.


But from the point of view of energy consumption E-InkIs still on top. But here manufacturers of smartphones on the LCD went the other way. They just started to install two screens into their device - one for working with applications that require good graphics or video, and the second, E-Ink for reading.

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