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CHOOSING A cozy interior of the kitchen

Choose a cozy interior of the kitchen

For each family kitchen interior is important not less than the interior of a bedroom or living room because of the family members was none other in the kitchen is not so much time as a woman.

Why mistress? Because not all the ladies like to do kitchen chores, just quietly hate everything associated with it.

Now we will talk not about them. We will talk about a woman-housewife, her most favorite space in the apartment - namely the kitchen. Here everything must be chosen so that the room became a center for a family gathering. Not only family. Friends who have come to the light, will be only happy to sit in the cozy kitchen, drink hot tea.

Each hostess requirements for kitchen interiorstheir. How to choose the kitchen interior? Very simply - to your liking. Now, if a woman to impose the most stylish, fashioned, beautiful interior, the kitchen does not become her favorite place. It can only help her advice on how to select the right interior.

The kitchen should be in soft colors, but notboring, with the obligatory presence of what some bright islands. It is better to choose a functional kitchen furniture, every object will perform the right, its intrinsic function. So unnecessary furniture should not be.

In our time in the history of the use of the fork goinstead of the mixer, grinding with a mortar products. It is time for home appliances, and kitchen as well. But because our architects have not paid so far due attention to the kitchen space, all equipment must be built to a lot of places do not hold.

In the kitchen, the usual size is not necessary to install a washing machine - the place her in the bathroom. In the kitchen it can take its place dishwasher.

Do not forget to carry out all over the kitchen wiring, so that later in the kitchen interior does not insert the wires from the various extensions.

Kitchen interior can decorate not onlyfurniture, cabinets ready to swing, but also a bar, a properly selected light or bright islands, for example in the form of a table with colored chairs. window decoration deserves special attention. Decorated it should be in a quiet style, without any frills and canopies.

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