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How to choose winter tires

How to choose winter tires

Selection of a suitable winter tires is not an easy task, given the fact that you do not want to spend too much and save on security wise.

Widespread popularity got winter tiresEuropean production. Sought-after corporate products BridgeStone, Continental, Nokian and others. Buying imported products require significant financial cost, as opposed to domestic counterparts.
But its lifetime high. A good winter tires can be used for 3-7 seasons, on condition of the proper care of it. Every 10 th. Km of the front and rear tires should be interchanged.

What rules should be followed when choosing winter tires

By selecting the appropriate kit must beguided by the recommendations of the manufacturer of the vehicle used. If you purchase a winter tires with greater width, there will be an increase in the tire contact patch with the road. Due to improper weight distribution will reduce rubber adhesion to asphalt. In the absence of a set of suitable size wiser to buy products with a smaller width, having a greater height profile.

In some cases, the need to purchase studded tires

The best conditions for their operation isdense layer of snow or ice. On the durability of the spikes directly influenced by the manner of driving. Some motorists are able to for a couple of seasons whittle them together with rubber. If we abandon the constant speeding kit will last for at least 3 seasons.
do not buy studded tires for driving on asphalt purified by snow. Its use will only create discomfort, punching deep rut in the coating.

When to give preference to friction kits

These tires are similar to the studs on the properties. Characterized by the absence of thorns, enhanced lamelyatsiey and less noise. Their purchase is suitable for driving in the winter with little snow on the groomed trail.

Is it worth it to spend money on all-season tires

The performance properties of these setsleave much to be desired both in summer and winter. Their lifespan is much less seasonal tires, and they are less stable on the road surface. Buy all-season tires can be used only when you can not allocate enough money for the purchase of winter tires.

On winter tires b / u should not even look

This product attracts buyers low price. But save through their acquisition still does not work. tread depth of winter tires in b / y is much less than that of new tires. Thereby deteriorating the quality of the car driving on wet roads.
The resulting effect of dust, water drops andmicrocracks temperatures increase the risk of an early puncture. Tires are exploited by another master, they are less hardy to road irregularities.
Having bought / used tire, the driver will pass to them a small mileage. And, based on the usage time will be spent the same amount as the purchase of a new set.

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