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How to Choose Wet Wipes for Children


How to Choose Wet Wipes for Children</a>

Wet wipes are necessary for the care of a child. They can be used when visiting a polyclinic, on a walk, on a trip.

Young mothers simply can not do without wet wipes in the maternity hospital.

To avoid undesirable consequences in the form of allergies, you need to correctly approach the choice of napkins.

All attention to composition

There are many brands of wetNapkins for children. Some parents without hesitation buy the first available hygiene products, not realizing that they can contain a large number of chemicals. The skin of newborns is rather thin and sensitive, so it is very important that alcohol is not included in the composition of wet wipes. The right choice will help to avoid allergies and rashes.

If your child has very sensitive skin,Should buy napkins designed specifically for this type of skin. They do not contain harmful substances, such as chlorine or alcohol. Choose non-odorless wipes.

Pay attention to the ingredients included in thecomposition. If you are convinced that baby wipes are absolutely safe for your baby's skin, then you are greatly mistaken. Napkins can contain chemicals in the form of phthalates and parabens. No less dangerous substance is cocamidopropyl betaine, which is known for its ability to cause dermatitis, skin irritation and allergies. You should avoid buying wet wipes if phenoxyethanol is included in them - this is a preservative used in cosmetic products that can provoke irritation of the eyes, lungs and skin.
The safest ingredients in children's wet wipes:
- glycerin-
- water-
- lemon oil-
- extract of chemist's daisy-
- tea tree oil-
- lavender oil-
- extract of aloe vera.

Other selection criteria

Pay attention to the size and thickness of children'sWet wipes. Cheap options may seem like an attractive purchase, but keep in mind that they can be too small and thin. You hardly want to have dirty hands after the cleansing procedure. Yes, and will have to use more than one napkin, and at least two or three. Ideal option is dense and large wipes, which will perfectly cope with the task of purification.

You should like the smell of napkins, because they will smell elusively the skin and even your baby's clothes.

Most often, baby wipes are sold inCellophane packages with a protective sticker or a hinged hard cover. The folding top guarantees the safety of the napkins in wet form. The sticker is quickly weakened, the hygiene products dry up. A good alternative can be wet wipes in a plastic container with a hinged lid, this packaging delays moisture. In this case, a replacement block is purchased, and the container remains. Napkins in this package have a large number of positive reviews from young mothers.

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