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How to choose wedding rings

Wedding rings

In earlier times, according to the traditions of the procedure for selecting and buying wedding rings is the task of the groom.

In our days hiking in the jewelry store often performed together, and a choice of rings is made on the basis of taste preferences of not only the groom and the bride.

In the jewelry store you can be trickydecide, because there is a fairly large selection, and on display are different in design and material of wedding rings. How to choose from this diversity that is necessary for you? In order to protect themselves from ill-considered purchases and impetuous desire to take liked the first ring is pre-think about the main selection criteria and at least some idea of ​​what you want to buy.

Material: silver, gold or platinum?

Classic wedding rings from redGold is the most inexpensive and common goals. If in real life you would prefer to wear jewelry of silver, an excellent option could be a ring of white gold that looks similar in tone with silver. But you can pick up wedding rings and silver - it's inexpensive and original version. The most expensive in jewelry stores, usually platinum ring. It is believed that this is the choice of those who do not agree on anything else other than the most expensive and luxurious.

In addition, the cost and availability of the ring affectsor the absence of precious and semiprecious stones. Decorated Stone Ring - female prerogative, so the choice of stones to do based on your own preferences of the bride or relying on related national signs.

Design engagement rings - from the simple to the unique

In addition there is a simple classic ringsa huge number of possible variations in the rings with a unique shape, topography and mix of precious stones. To decorate the wedding rings often choose:
•; diamonds - a symbol of the inviolability of marriage vows, purity and perfection
•; rubies - it is believed that this stone helps the couple to overcome their differences, drives away bad thoughts and brings together the contending
•; emeralds - this stone is considered a symbol of spring and the annual awakening of nature, so it is believed that it helps maintain the freshness of the spouses and the novelty of feeling for many years
•; sapphires - on signs, it contributes to the preservation of prosperity and happiness in marriage, and the couple makes more tolerant of each other

For sufficiently large wedding budget you can order the production of rings for his own sketches. Another less expensive option to make the ring unique is the application of laser engraving.

How to choose the size of the engagement ring

To understand whether the ring come with fitting forsize must first pay attention to the following things: it should not be too much to hang on your finger (may be only a small gap), and should not be too much pressure. We should not forget that the cold fingers have a feature becoming thinner, and after exercise or heat, on the contrary, become thickened.

Whatever rings you choose a result, mostmost importantly, to fit and you liked it, because for each day they are all life will be reminded of the happy and important event that happened to you once - your wedding.

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