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How to choose wedding rings


Wedding rings</a>

In earlier times, according to tradition, the procedure for choosing and buying wedding rings was the task of the groom.

Today, a trip to a jewelry store is often performed jointly, and the choice of rings is made based on the taste preferences not only of the groom, but also of the bride.

In a jewelry store, you can be difficultDetermine, because there is a fairly large selection, and on the showcase are various wedding rings and different in design and material. How to choose from this variety what you need? In order to protect yourself from the ill-considered purchase and impulsive desire to take the first ring you like, it is worthwhile to think about the main criteria of choice and at least approximately what you want to buy.

Material: silver, gold or platinum?

Classic wedding rings from redGold is the most inexpensive and widespread option. If in the ordinary life you prefer to wear jewelry made of silver, then an excellent option can be a ring of white gold, outwardly similar in color to silver. But you can pick up engagement rings and silver - it's an inexpensive and original option. The most expensive in jewelry stores, usually rings made of platinum. It is believed that this is the choice of those who do not agree to anything other than the most expensive and luxurious.

In addition, the cost of the ring is affected by the availabilityOr the absence of precious and semiprecious stones. Stones adorned with stones are a woman's prerogative, so the choice of stones should be made based on the bride's own preferences or relying on associated folk features.

Design of wedding rings - from simple to unique

In addition to simple classical rings, there existsA huge number of all possible variations of the rings with a unique shape, relief and a combination of precious stones. To decorate engagement rings, they are most often chosen:
• Diamonds - a symbol of the inviolability of mating vows, purity and perfection
• Rubies - it is believed that this stone helps the newlyweds overcome disagreements, drives away bad thoughts and reconciles the disputants
• Emeralds - this stone is considered a symbol of spring and the annual awakening of nature, therefore it is believed that it helps the spouses to keep the freshness and novelty of feelings for many years to come
• Sapphires - by signs, it promotes the preservation of prosperity and happiness in marriage, and also makes spouses more tolerant to each other

With a sufficiently large wedding budget, you can order the production of rings on your own sketches. Another less expensive option to make rings unique is laser engraving.

How to choose the size of an engagement ring

To understand when trying to fit the ring onThe size must first of all pay attention to the following things: it should not be too dangling on the finger (only a small gap is allowed) and should not be too damp. In this case, do not forget that in the cold fingers have the feature of becoming thinner, and after physical exertion or on the heat, on the contrary, thicken.

Whichever rings you choose, the mostThe main thing is that they fit and liked you, because during each day they will remind your whole life of the happy and important event that happened to you sometime - your wedding.

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