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How to choose wallpaper


In any room, the largest area is the walls, which means that their decoration has a decisive influence on the appearance of the room, on what atmosphere it will reign.

The choice of wallpaper sets the style of other interior elements, determines the warm or cold tone of its coloring.

Wallpapers differ in color, texture, quality and type of material, so choose wallpaper & mdash- a difficult, albeit solvable task.

  1. If the ceiling in the room is low, then take a closer lookTo wallpaper with a vertical orientation of the picture, if it is necessary to expand it visually, then the drawing should be horizontal. If the room is very high, then it is better to choose wallpaper with a larger pattern.
  2. Particularly carefully choose the color of the wallpaper. Saturated bright colors well stimulate to active activity, and pastel colors soothe. Choose the color according to the purpose of the room.
  3. In a well-lit room with south windowsExcess sunlight can be compensated for by cool shades of wallpaper (note that they are resistant to burnout), in a room with windows to the north, wallpaper is better to paste warm tones.
  4. Blue-blue shades visually increase the space of the room, & nbsp- while red and yellow opposite, as if bringing the walls together.
  5. Avoid excessively contrasting drawings, because from his constant contemplation will ripple in the eyes.
  6. Wallpaper by color should not coincide with furniture, but it is better to avoid excessive contrasts. Remember that the wallpaper should emphasize other interior items, and not obscure them.
  7. Drawing from small chaotically scattered spots is very practical, it will hide the unevenness of the walls. For monochrome smooth wallpaper and walls should be perfectly smooth.
  8. For dry rooms where there will not be largeTemperature drops, classic paper wallpaper is good. These wallpapers are environmentally friendly and safe for human health. However, they are fragile, they can not be washed and they burn out quickly under direct sunlight.
  9. Vinyl wallpaper is durable and durable. They can be washed, which means they are great for a hallway, kitchen or bathroom. These wallpapers do not pass air properly, so they prevent the walls from breathing.
  10. Acrylic wallpaper is less water resistant.
  11. Structural wallpaper is intended for subsequent painting. The advantage of such wallpapers is the ability to completely change the color scheme of the room without the wallpaper plywood.

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