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How to choose ups for the computer

How to choose ups for the computer

UPS - uninterruptible power supply (UPS), which allows to protect your computer from sudden power surges.

In the case of power failure deviceIt takes all the stress and allows you to easily save all your work and shut down the computer in normal mode via the system functions, protecting thereby the power supply and the motherboard from burning.

Selection of UPS power

To select the right UPS should be based on thepower consumption of the equipment. Battery power should be 20-30% higher than in your computer system. For the selection of the optimum energy source is not necessary to calculate the power consumption of the system, power supply, video card, etc. It is enough to estimate the performance of your machine.
Thus, for a conventional standard PCconfiguration (for example, a dual-core processor and power supply 350 VA) suitable UPS with a capacity of 1000 - 1500 VA. Such a device would be sufficient to ensure uninterrupted power supply and protection against sudden power surges.

If you have a PC gaming configuration should be selected more powerful UPS (1500 and above).

If you can not determine the power of yourequipment, please visit the UPS manufacturer and use the program or selecting a suitable online tool model. You only need to specify an exemplary configuration of your hardware.

UPS Type

The most simple and inexpensive will backup UPS,which operates mainly in savings mode, and in the case of a power surge instantly switch to the built-in battery. This type will be a reliable protection for desktop and standard electricity network.
However, if you are experiencing a fairly frequentracing in your home network, you must pay attention to the line-interactive UPS with voltage regulator. This power supply is switched to the battery much faster. The device has a long service life and the degree of protection against sudden surges.
The most serious surge protection givenOnline UPS, which operate in continuous mode and generates a stable power in the PC, providing a continuous power. This type of devices is certainly effective, however, and the most expensive.
Buy Online UPS for home usually is unjustified and, in most cases it is better to save money and buy or reserve line-interactive power supply.

The cost of UPS can be determined for a period of battery life (battery capacity), power supply and software type.

When purchasing a UPS should choose models withsoftware that will keep the program running. In the event of a sudden shut-off reveals all running programs again.

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