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Choose the type of garden layout


It is required to correctly define the style to create a beautiful garden. Still need to think over the type of planning, which is responsible for the competent placement of plants and other decorative elements of the landscape.

Choose the type of garden layout

Planning is an important component of the landscape project, it helps to plan the landscape works correctly. There are several types of such planning.

The easiest way to design a garden isRectangular motifs, this kind of layout adds a little classics to the garden. The use of circular motifs is directly opposite to the rectangular layout of the garden. For lawns, flower beds, lawns and other elements, a round shape is chosen, but here it is necessary to take into account their connection with each other. If in between the round lines plant plants, you can get a stylish and original garden.

In the diagonal planning, the elements needHave a diagonal parallel, the space in the garden will visually appear larger, because the view will be directed along the lines. This design visually pushes the boundaries of the plot. The garden thanks to the planning gets a clear structure, by the way, here it is not necessary to observe strict symmetry.

Sometimes only a few strokes will giveA certain structure: strict lines of garden beds, a geometric pattern in the cover of the tracks, symmetrically arranged tubs. Free planning is the free placement of structures and plants with maximum use of terrain and reservoirs. It includes elements of regular and landscape planning. In the free planning, the location of plants is of great importance. In this garden will be appropriate flowerbeds with floral patterns, pergolas, pergolas.

Of course, when choosing a garden layoutOrient to the taste of the owner of this garden. A classical garden with a symmetrical layout is suitable for a person who prefers clear straight lines. But the garden of free style is focused on family rest, its lawns and lawns are suitable for rest as well as possible. The layout of the garden with secluded paths, neat borders, cozy benches will appeal to the lover of plants with decorative flowers.

If the size or shape of the plot does not matchSelected style, then you can use individual layout elements. For example, you can place part of a rocky garden on the site. From this, the general appearance of the garden will not suffer, on the contrary - it will greatly benefit.

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