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How to choose dog treats

Most dog owners give their petsgoodies, rewarding them during training and learning for good behavior, and sometimes just because. Choosing the right goodies, you will save the health of your dog and make her happy.

Delicacies can enhance calorie diet, so their number in the daily diet of the dog food should never exceed 10%.

Crispy treats

A variety of flavors, shapes and sizes - that is,different than solid crispy treats. Pick up the goodies you need to size according to the size of the dog. It is better to stay at the company-manufacturer, which produces products meeting the quality standards.

Soft treats

For soft chewy sweets is also characterized byvarious flavors, shapes and sizes. They are very useful in the process of training. In the training time it is very convenient to use small pieces to encourage your dog immediately.

Dried and frozen treats

Dried and frozen treats, especiallydesigned for dogs often resemble "human" food. They are produced with different flavors, such as meat, poultry, seafood, or liver. Their flavor improves the efficiency of training, so these goodies have become the choice of many dog ​​owners.

Chewing bones

Of course, this is not real animal bones. Sometimes they are made from corn starch, easily assimilable by the body. According to most experts, the special texture of chewing bones makes them useful for dog's teeth. They are safer than natural bone, but the owners may be faced with gastro-intestinal obstruction in dogs, if it swallows a treat. Chewing bone is necessary to select the right size according to the size of the dog.

animal Bone

Bones of animals dogs should not be given asthis leads to damage of the teeth, the problems with the gastrointestinal tract, intestinal obstruction. Harmful to dogs are the bones of any animals, but the most dangerous are the bones of birds. It is necessary to manage special chewing bones or other alternative to avian, swine or beef bones.

Pork ears

Dogs are always welcome delicacies from fatty porkears, although they are sometimes treated with chemicals, which is very dangerous for the health of your pet. It is better to avoid such treats, otherwise the dog will be in the future suffer from obesity.

Delicatessen rawhide

It is not recommended to stop and delicaciesRawhide. They are made from animal skins, often treated with chemicals. The consequences may be gastrointestinal disorders and other problems with the dog's health. Better bypassed conventional chewing bones. Sometimes veterinarians specially develop goodies that allow to preserve the health of teeth in dogs. But first, should contact the veterinary clinic for the advice of a physician.

Treats of the human diet

Dogs do not fit all the products of the humandiet. It is necessary to avoid cheese, sausages, crackers, cookies, and other similar foods. And to please your pet can be carrots, apples, lean meat, poultry and seafood, as they can be very useful. But these goodies have to be without the spices and sauces. It is strictly forbidden to give dogs onions, raisins and grapes, as they can be toxic. Garlic can also be dangerous, so it is recommended to give it cautiously and only under the supervision of a veterinarian. In the veterinary clinic, you can get answers to all questions related to the dog's diet.

Dietary goodies

Companies that manufacture dietary feedalso engaged in the manufacture of dietary treats for dogs. To encourage the dog during training can also be used as a delicacy and quite ordinary foods from the diet of your pet.

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