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How to choose the wall panels

How to choose the wall panels

Wall panels are one of the types of materials, has a number of advantages. They are easy to use, easy to install and have a reasonable price.

But, as with any other materials, they have their own characteristics.



Before you choose a wall panelIt is necessary to determine the place of their futureoperation. on the basis of PVC panels are not afraid of moisture, so they are ideal for bathrooms, balconies and loggias. They were easy to care for, you just wipe with a damp cloth pollution. So called panel MDF on the technical characteristics can be compared with hardboard, ie for areas with high humidity it is better not to use. It is believed that panel on the basis of MDF safer for health as it does not contain a harmful chemical composition components.


In addition to the variety of colors, panel wall divided by appearance of the uppercoating layer. It can be glossy or matte. The first creates the illusion of a mirror image, so is ideal for creating the ceiling. The rays of light reflected from its glossy surface, camouflage seams between the panels and make them almost invisible. In addition, such ceilings are easy enough to accommodate built-in lighting, making them suitable for installation in a closet or bathroom.


Once the decision to purchase a particulartype panels made, is to deal with the manufacturer and the quality of the material. Today, the choice of wall panels large enough, however, the number of marriage, especially from domestic producers, even more. In order not to bite the bullet, just pay attention to several aspects. The panel should not have differences over its entire length, otherwise it may be difficult during the docking. On the front side there can be no defects in the form of chips or cracks.

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