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How to choose the type of hosting for your site

How to choose the right type of hosting for your site

In order for a site on the Internet has begun to shine with all its colors, you need a hosting service.

You can take the tariff for virtual hosting, virtual dedicated server to lease or rent a dedicated server.

How do you determine exactly what you need for your project?

There are 3 types of hosting for the site. How can you choose the one that is right for your project?

Any web project has several indicators, which should be guided in choosing a hosting company.

1. Background. Most importantly, if you make a site on the theme of rabbits, it is unlikely that he will be visited by people who want a different kind of information. Conversely, news sites are in great demand, because the news is read almost everything. Thus, the relevance of the topic has a direct impact on site traffic.

2. The number of pages on the site. Now, almost all projects are done with use of databases. Generally, an increase in pages on a site increases the space occupied by the database. This is a potential cause for the "weighting" of the site, that is, the project would require more resources.

3. Content Management System. There is a huge amount of content management systems. It is necessary to focus on the system requirements of the tools that you use.

4. Third-party files. Will you have files that are not related directly to the site? For example, price lists or catalogs? The presence of these files require additional disk space.

Given all this, you can choose athe appropriate rate among companies providing virtual hosting. It should be oriented in terms of hard disk space that is available at your disposal.

You need more than one database? Keep this in mind when choosing a company, since the latter sometimes limit the number of databases on the tariff.

If you need custom software solutions, choose the virtual dedicated server for the success of your project. There should be guided by the following parameters:

1. RAM (random access memory).

2. CPU (processor).

3. Place the hard drive.

4. Virtualization.

5. Price.

Very often, companies are going to meet clients andThey offer a test period. Some time you can use the server without payment. This time is given in order to help you understand whether your proposal fits the company.

If you project requires a lot of resources - eg, terabytes of hard disk space - then it is necessary to look in the direction of a dedicated server.

The correct choice of the type of hosting for your project will significantly reduce the cost of it.

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