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How to choose a SLR camera


Mirror cameras significantly expand the capabilities of the photographer</a>

Gone are the days when gurus photos condescendingly looked down on the amateur photographers, contemptuously calling the amateur technique soap dishes.

Semi-professional SLR cameras are easy to use, and they are no worse than the sophisticated professional cameras.



In order to make the right choice amongMirror cameras, you need to understand the principle of the camera-mirror. The mirror camera differs from all the others in that the viewfinder is used to select the subject of the survey, which includes a mirror that transports the light stream from the lens to the eyepiece. A feature of these cameras is the ability to change lenses, apply filters, connect an external flash and other accessories, greatly expanding the capabilities of the photographer.


The choice of the manufacturer should be approached verySeriously, because the disappointment in one of them and the decision to switch to another product line may in the future tangibly impact your pocket. Photographers know that you can use Nikon lenses only with Nikon cameras, and Canon flashes - only with Canon devices and so on. Each manufacturer adheres to certain standards, so becoming an adherent of one brand name, you will simply have to stay with them.


Several years ago, the decisiveThe choice of a digital device was the resolution of the matrix, but now you should not rely on this criterion, because to print a photo measuring 10 by 15 cm three megapixels more than enough. Today even the simplest camera has a much larger expansion. Where other functions are more important.
So, for example, Sony cameras have a built-inStabilizer, which helps to achieve a sharp image even under difficult shooting conditions. Many modern DSLRs have a Live View mode, which displays the future image on the LCD screen before the moment of shooting, which helps the beginner to correctly frame the frame, without doing additional sample shots.
Presence of automatic and semi-automaticModes will allow a person unfamiliar with the concepts of aperture, exposure or exposure to good shots in non-standard conditions. Mode? Portrait? Will blur the background behind the object being shot, and the sport mode will give a sharp picture of the moving objects.


But do not forget that photography, beforeAll, a person, and any camera, even the most heaped up, will be just an instrument in his hands. Mirror cameras are not expensive, so it will be a good idea to buy it and buy a textbook for photography. A camera? The tool is complex, but if you master all its functions, learn how to use its possibilities correctly, each of your pictures will get a chance to become a masterpiece. Amateur DSLR can become your first step to the heights of photo art.

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