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How to choose a sewing machine

In the present diversity and choice of clothing,bed linen, kitchen utensils and other accessories for the home sewing machine is not mandatory household items, as it was 40-50 years ago.

However, for fans of the unique models of its own tailoring is a wide range of sewing machines.



First of all, decide the type of machine andthe volume of operations that it must perform. For normal sewing, processing of tissue sections and repairing clothes, choose a simple electromechanical model, which should have the following features: implementation of overcasting stitches, knit stitch, double needle sewing, darning, Blind hem.


Electronic and computer sewing machinesIt contains a larger volume of operations, a variety of finishing and decorative stitches, embroidery elements. They allow you to create your own designs and compositions to decorate clothing and store them in the memory of the built-in computer. You can also buy a sewing and embroidery machine with embroidery unit in the embroidery frame.


Note the location of the shuttle. The most optimal is horizontal when the bobbin is embedded above: it facilitates threading the bobbin, it does not allow for an open or obfuscation, and also allows you to wind the bobbin without interrupting her with a needle.


Rate power machines engine power puncturetissue, find out whether there is a possibility of adjusting the speed, thread tension and presser foot pressure on the fabric. Depending on your preference, you can choose a model, a mechanism which is actuated by a foot pedal or button. Also, pay attention to stop the function of the needle in the up position, the automatic thread trimming and reverse - reverse direction sewing.


Ask whether there is in the car, "sewingAdvisor ": the display shows the current settings - stitch, stitch width and length, as well as recommendations on the choice of the sewing foot and needle for certain operations. Also, you are very handy needle threader, so when choosing give preference to models equipped with this device.


Check if the kit includes a sewing machineset of needles, including those with a rounded tip and a double screwdriver, brush, and other tools for maintenance and repair of machines, various tabs, and instructions in Russian.


The determining factor in the choice could be the price. The most simple machines with limited functionality are in the range of 6 thousand rubles, they are suitable for performing elementary operations and the lack of use. For the price of 7 to 15 thousand rubles, you can buy a model that provides the maximum required stitches and lines for processing tissue. Professional sewing machines and computer-controlled sewing and embroidery pattern will cost 15 thousand rubles and more.

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