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How to choose the seedlings on the market

How to choose the seedlings on the market

High-quality seedlings is the key to a good harvest in the suburban areas and fence.

Therefore, going for it on the market, it is necessary to know how plants should be given preference, but from what is better to abandon the purchase.

Choosing a healthy and strong seedlings, there is every chance of getting a season high yield. Accordingly, while it is necessary to select to pay attention not only on cost but also on several other criteria.

Tips for choosing seedlings for garden and kitchen garden

The first plant should be inspected. They must not present damages and yellow leaves. Sami bushes one culture must be identical in size, because then you can be sure that the mineral nutrition regime has been the most stable, watering was carried out on a regular basis, temperature and lighting are properly matched. This plant survival is very high and they will provide a harvest time, that in the future will not cause problems with his general collection.
Buy seedlings need of tapes or boxes. You can not buy that, where the root system is not protected from the wind and sun. Because then the plants may be damaged on the way home or after landing did not take.

seedlings color should be fresh, green orlight green. Must be free of them at any spotting or natural divorce, because it indicates the presence of certain diseases. seedling leaf tissue should not be dark, and along the veins unacceptable enlightenment, because their presence indicates the weakness of the plant. They will be taken for a long time. In addition, it is likely that part of the seedlings after some time will be lost.
It is necessary to pay attention to the size of the plant, theyshould be the same, but not large and overgrown. If the plants are greatly elongated, it means they were grown in places with poor lighting, in their subsequent abnormal development will occur, which will lead to lower yields. Ideally seedlings should be just 7-9 leaves. If there are more, it means that it has outgrown, if less - is not a good time to develop. The root system should not only be whole and moisturized but branched. With a spine to buy the seedlings is not necessary, it can not accept.

Planting seedlings in the area

Having bought all the necessary plants, their hurryplanted in the ground. Make it recommended on the same day. If you hold such a procedure does not turn out right, then leave the seedlings in pots in a bright place. Be sure to pour it generously. Plant landing spend the evening or in cloudy weather, to prevent it from fading.

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