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Selecting seed potato

At home, if you do not get the seed laboratory, the so-called super-elite and elite are selected seed potatoes in the summer and autumn.

Take the tubers for planting the next crop of only the most productive bushes.

Size of tubers depends on the destination and seed storage duration.

Tubers collect different varieties in different boxes, signing them.

The selection of potato seed tubers

Potato harvest depends on the quality of plantingmaterial. And not only on the size of the tuber or tuber absence of visible signs of the disease. But also on how many prints, i.e. after removal of the seed tube in the laboratory, tubers experienced. Ideal bred seed potatoes of the rehabilitation tissue specific potato varieties and is preparing for the sale of seed tubers for several years.

Each subsequent year after the tube is consideredReproduction year. So, to really give a good harvest tubers from the fifth to the ninth reproduction. When tuber is sufficient for commercial planting, but they are not "outdated." If you are engaged in cultivation of potatoes, you know that the most good grades lower yields over time. Therefore, it is time to start a new. And it is better to buy a new seed potatoes not have grandparents, and in specialized companies. This ensures high yields.

When buying the planting material does not chooseonly the taste, yield, color, and any time of maturation, where regionalized. Important resistance to tuber diseases. If you buy seed potatoes, small tubers to take the most advantageous for further reproduction, it is simply more than 1 kg of weight, and you will soon multiply new variety. It tubers of 30-40 g and a diameter of 35-50 mm.

Bushes to collect seed tubers are selected induring their flowering and dig out a couple of weeks after its completion. By this time it formed the main tuber. Keep them separate from the main potato.

If you plan to plant your potatoes certified shall be taken tubers weighing 60-80 g 45-55 mm in diameter. Larger tubers require special growing conditions and increased soil fertilizer.

If you grow early potatoes for sale,then delay the large seed tubers weighing 100-130 g and with a diameter of 55-65 mm and more. These tubers have a greater supply of nutrients to the beginning of growth and development, so the bushes will rise faster. However, large tubers are more difficult to keep up to the moment of landing.

Preparation of tubers for planting

It begins potato preparation for 4-6 weeks beforeplanned landing. An important step - to sort the potatoes, raised from the repository. Reject the tubers with the slightest signs of any disease or damage. Carefully remove germinated sprouts of winter. They are not viable. During the bulkhead sort tuber size for uniform alternation of tubers of different sizes in a row. It is convenient to lay the tubers to sprouting in shallow crates with perforation. During this period the tubers can be processed by means of pests.

Useful ash handling solutions and macro- and micronutrients, growth stimulators. Only dusting ash accelerates the emergence of seedlings and improves yield by 10-15%.

Germinated seed potatoes are exposed to light at6-18oS temperature at high humidity of 85-90%. Planting begins after the appearance of strong healthy shoots up to 1 cm. Longer sprouts will hinder the landing, more probability of damage. During planting remove the tubers without holes and with threadlike sprouts. They will not give harvest.

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