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How to choose the right wardrobe

How to choose the right wardrobe

The fact that the wardrobe - versatile and very comfortable piece of furniture, there is no dispute.

He has a number of advantages over conventional cabinets.

However, many people, for the first time establish in his apartment, this piece of furniture, the question arises: how to choose the right wardrobe?

The form. Of course, the main advantage of the wardrobe - what he built. This saves a significant part of the site, and rooms with private niches seem to be specially created for wardrobes. On the other hand, there are other models: single hull closets. If you have nowhere to build in a cabinet or its mobility is important - the corps wardrobe choices.
Capacity is important for the cabinet. As a rule, it is more built-in closets, as built-in wardrobe adheres to the walls and does not expend extra space the width of the wall. In addition, you'll be able to plan the location and depth of the shelves.
The mechanism of opening the door is of two kinds. The most common - a roller. Everything is simple: the door is integrated into the frame and moves along the groove on the roller guides. Cheap and cheerful, but not very reliable. The groove can become clogged, and the door is exposed to precipitation. Monorail mechanism in this respect, more reliable, but is much more expensive. If you choose the material rolls, the best choice - metal wheels. Wheels of plastic will break down fairly quickly, in less than a year.
When choosing wardrobe, pay close attentiontake a coupe profile sliding system. The profile rises entire cabinet structure: frame, rails, grooves, rollers, etc. The profiles are mainly steel and aluminum. Steel is much more durable than aluminum, but produces much more noise and provide a strong load on the hardware. Aluminium profiles are more expensive, but they look more elegant and quiet operation. In addition, they are very light.
In choosing the material items and accessories should bepay attention to the quality of wood and colors. Materials of construction for wardrobes, big set, all the different characteristics and intended use, so try to trim the one that best suits your needs.
Folds doors come in different widths. When choosing a cabinet vote their width. If the width is more than 120 cm, the use of the cabinet will be problematic. If less than 80 cm, - inconvenient.
Proanalizuyte internal filling cabinet-coupe. Ideally, you'll be able to design what you need departments. Think what the width and depth of the shelves should be where they should be placed, if necessary drawers. You may need a pantograph due to which clothes can be placed in the cabinet with two floors. Rate the height rod for clothing. Usually rod for adult clothing is located at a height of 150-160 cm for children -. 100-120 cm Consider whether you have enough of this height. Especially if you plan to put a net or basket for shoes section under clothing.
When choosing a company, the installerwardrobe, you need to consider several factors. The longer the company in the market, the better. See what they write about us on the internet or ask your friends who have ordered the cabinet. Find out whether the company's central office and visit it. "Cowboy's office" will be seen immediately. Buy furniture only with a guarantee for at least 6 months. Specify a price total: delivery, assembly, installation, etc. VAS cost can sometimes be up to a quarter of the amount of the cabinet.

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