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How to choose the right skates


Correctly selected skates will serve you for a long time!</a>

In order to correctly choose good skates,In which you can ride for several years in a row, you should remember a few rules and simple recommendations, and then your new skates with ease will serve you for a long time!

So, how to choose the right skates?



Choosing the first skates or just goingLearn to skate, it is possible to give preference to inexpensive skates made of good plastic? He firmly supports the lower leg, the muscles of which are not yet sufficiently trained to hold the entire weight of the moving body. This is especially important when choosing skates for children, since their shins are even weaker than the muscles of an adult. Inside the durable plastic is a soft and comfortable boot.


After you learned how to ride andMore or less confidently stay on the ice, you can proceed to choose figure skates from natural or artificial leather. And those and other materials have their advantages. The natural skin breathes better and collects moisture, and also takes the individual shape of your foot, but the leatherette lasts longer and keeps a neat look. In addition, they are much easier to skate out of genuine leather.


Skates should not be bought in any case?On the outgrowth ?, it's not only that uncomfortable and harmful for the joints and muscles, but also fraught with trauma. Determine your size, trying on different options, slide the heel back. If it moves easily? Then skates need to buy a half-size less. Only tight-fitting skates can help you learn to ride without the risk of injury.


Men in any case choose hockey skates? It does not matter for what purposes. In them they play hockey, and they ride on ice. And if the girls are not so important maneuverability, speed and ability to make sharp turns, because they ride more slowly and smoothly, for the male half of athletes, these qualities of skates are above all! Therefore, fixing the foot in this case is even more important. Lace up the skates, tighten them tightly and walk around the store for a couple of minutes. If your legs start to ache after this? And sick? Choose other skates.

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