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How to choose the right mattress


To choose a mattress you need to approach very carefully</a>

Today, people are increasingly thinking about a sound sleep, because it depends on your health and your daily mood.

Therefore, the selection of a mattress should be approached with the utmost attention.

But in the modern market, you can find more than 300 different models.

In order to make the right purchase, you need to know the basic characteristics of mattresses.



The size Mattress.
If you already have your bed, then you needJust measure its size. But in the event that you have not yet bought a bed, then the exact size you can find from the manufacturer. The standard width of a double Mattress Is 1.6 m., And for a single bed? 80 or 90 cm. Even if the size of your bed is considered non-standard, you can easily order a suitable mattress on request.


The weight of the sleeper.
It is necessary to take into account such a characteristic as the ratio of human weight to hardness Mattress. For example, if a thin person lies on a hardMattress, then his dream will turn into a nightmare. But if a full person lies on this mattress, then the mattress will be just right for him. Therefore, the more your weight, the stiffer the mattress should be.


View Mattress.
There are two main types of mattresses? Spring and springless. The difference is that they have different designs. In making a decision, you need to focus on your own preferences, comparing different models.


Manufacturer country.
Today, the choice of producers is quite large. The main difference between a domestic and a foreign producer is the price. Usually it differs by 2-3 times (this can be explained by customs duties and expensive delivery). Another difference is that foreign manufacturers use imported fillers.

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