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How to choose the right interior doors?

How to choose the right interior doors?

Choosing the right interior doors - not a trivial task. It is necessary to make it both functional and aesthetically decorated, and accurately, and inexpensively.

Therefore, the choice of interior doors must be approached intelligently.

The first thing you need to decide, from the materialwhich the door will be made. It must be made of safety from the point of view of environmental materials. The best, no doubt - the door made of wood, a little worse - from the glued solid or veneer. Plastic or glass doors in this respect is much more dangerous. From the most durable wood doors are made of oak, cherry or beech wood.
The surface of the doors must be perfectly smooth. There are no rough edges and burrs - just smooth, polished area.
When choosing door, pay attention to the color. Qualitative door has a uniform color shade. If the door - wood, the paint should be viewed through the tree structure. Do not take the door if cloudy or uneven coloring.
Check the quality of the coating. The varnish should be applied uniformly. If the nail gently press on the varnished surface, on it should not remain traces. In addition, the door should have a peculiar smell of lacquer.
The door must have the correct dimensions. Take a tape measure and measure the door diagonally. In quality door with the correct geometry of the distance will be identical. Maximum difference - 1-2 mm.
When choosing the doors and ask morebundle. So often included are trim and door frame. If they are, then the installation will be easier, and the door will have a finished look
Pay attention to the seals. Typically, they are used for bathroom or pantries, but also for room doors they will need if you want to close the door tightly, for example, for the bedroom. Seals should be soft, otherwise the door will not close tightly.
The structure of the door hardware includes hinges, handles,lock, door closer, and other "stuff". Better to take the hardware, which comes complete with doors. It is, as a rule, "tailored" for a specific door. In any case, it is necessary that the different color components have the same color or blended with each other.
Check warranty terms. Serious companies offer a warranty period of not less than 3 years. Make sure that the warranty is not "finished" after unpacking and installation. If you sold the organization itself produces door installation, sign the acceptance certificate after installation.
By the measurements should be approached responsibly. Naturally, the store you have to come with already made measurements. But before the purchase is to remove the measurements again, or even to invite Master gager of the firm, in which you order the door. This is especially significant in the case, if you order the door, and do not take ready.

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