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How to choose the appropriate hard drive for your computer

How to select the hard disk to the computer

Periodically, computer owners are thinking about choosing the hard disk.

Choosing a new drive depends on several parameters.

On the choice of a new hard drive usersI think often enough for two reasons - firstly, the old hard drive can fail, and secondly, there may be a shortage of storage space for user data. In the first case, the hard drive needs to be changed and to discuss other outputs are not necessary, but in the second you can do not change HDD and reinstall the operating system, and the acquisition of an external hard drive or flash drive high volume, depending on the specific needs of the computer owner.

What parameters should be taken into account to select the correct hard drive to replace it on the computer?

Volume.Of course, the more hard drive space, themore data can be stored on it, to put more programs on your computer. But we must remember that there are still motherboards that do not support large hard disks.

Interface.The main interfaces of hard drives - IDE and SATA. It is believed that the second - faster, but again, do not just buy a SATA hard drive, because not all motherboards can find a connector for this drive. IDE - a long connection with a large number of pins (Hard Disk Drive), for connection using ribbon cable like a wide ribbon. SATA to most observers resembles a USB connector, probably the size. Before buying a hard drive is necessary to specify in the documentation for your computer if there is a possibility to connect the selected hard drive, or simply look at the motherboard connector required.

The speed and form factor. Most often, the sale can be found in the discs 5400 and7200 revolutions per minute. Of course, the higher the rotational speed, the faster read and write data to the hard drive. I must say that the most frequent drives to the speed of 5400 for laptops, and 7200 - for desktop computers. For a desktop computer can be used, including those designed for laptops.

Relatively recently appeared SSD hard drives. The speed of their work is much higher than the rest, but their price is high.

Price and brand. Do not overpay for the hard drive to it flaunted a sign of well-known brand. Practice has shown that this is not a guarantee of a long work of the hard drive.

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