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How to choose the right hard disk for your computer

How to choose a hard disk for your computer</a>

Periodically, computer owners are thinking about choosing a hard disk.

The choice of a new disk depends on several parameters.

About choosing a new hard disk usersAre conceived quite often for two reasons: firstly, the old hard drive may break, and secondly, there may be a problem of lack of space for storing user data. In the first case, the hard drive should be changed and other outputs should not be discussed, but in the second one you can do not by changing the HDD and reinstalling the operating system, but by purchasing an external hard disk or a large volume flash drive, depending on the specific needs of the computer owner.

What parameters should I consider in order to choose the right hard disk to replace it on the computer?

Volume.Of course, the more hard disk space, theMore data on it can be saved, more programs put on the computer. But we must remember that until now there are motherboards that do not support work with large-capacity hard drives.

Interface.The main interfaces of hard drives are IDE and SATA. It is believed that the second one is faster, but, again, you should not immediately purchase a SATA hard drive, as not all motherboards can find a connector for connecting such a hard drive. IDE - a long connector with a lot of pins (on the hard drive), for connection uses a loop similar to a wide tape. SATA to most observers resembles a USB connector, probably in size. Before buying a hard drive, it is worth checking in the documentation for the computer whether it is possible to connect the selected hard drive, or simply to look for the required connector on the motherboard.

Work speed and form factor. Most often on sale you can find disks 5400 and7200 rpm. Of course, the higher the rotation speed, the faster the data is read and written to the hard drive. I must say that most often there are disks with a speed of 5400 for notebooks, and 7200 for desktop computers. For a stationary computer, you can also use those that are designed for laptops.

Recently, SSD hard disks appeared. The speed of their work is much higher than that of the rest, but the price for them is still high.

Price and brand. Do not overpay for a hard drive, so that the sign of a well-known brand would be on it. Practice has shown that this is not a guarantee of a long hard drive.

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