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How to correctly choose glasses for drinks

How to choose glasses for drinks

You can drink from any container, but to experience the full flavor of the beverage is used, there are certain rules of drinking culture.

In particular, for each drink - a specific type of glass.

On disclosure of taste and bouquet it affects the shape of the glass, which regulates the exchange of air and directs the liquid to the taste buds.

Glasses for wine

Wine glasses, there are dozens of varieties. Selection is focused primarily on the type of wine (acidity, density, strength, etc.).
If the glasses are selected for red wine, whichmore rich, fragrant and dense as opposed to white, then the right wine glass should be large and wide, with a tapered neck, which is called - "pot-bellied". This form of delays in oxygen and makes it possible not to scatter flowers. Besides, such glass provides sips swallowing taste and stimulation of zones, which define the astringency of the beverage and density.
For white wine glasses are chosen moreextended and expanded on. White wine, unlike red served chilled, and has no significance as such, aroma and taste. Drink of this glass is a more intense, allowing you to feel the full flavor.
Dessert and fortified wines are served in smallglasses or wine glasses, designed only for a couple of sips. These wines are sweeter, and because small sips allow fuller use receptors on the tongue that are responsible for the sweetness. Besides, dessert and fortified wines drunk in small quantities, and thus the glasses must not exceed the maximum use rate.
If we talk about performance of the material, the wine glasses is best to choose a colorless crystal glass, to enjoy the taste along with a drink and a game of light color highlights.

Glasses for soft drinks

Along with the usual drink alcoholic beveragesdrinks also has its own characteristics. Choosing glasses for various soft drinks and juices, it is necessary to focus on beverage color, density and texture.
Carbonated drinks are high andglass wide enough so that you can add ice cubes. In addition, in this glass unhindered exchange of air, carbon dioxide compounds providing the game.
For natural juices are the most optimallow wide glasses thick glass. In these tanks the juice density is distributed more evenly. Lighter juice drinks and cocktails can be served in a tall thin glasses right cylindrical shape called "highball".

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