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How to choose glasses for drinks


How to choose glasses for drinks</a>

You can drink from any container, but here to feel the fullness of the taste of the drink used, there are certain rules for the culture of drinking.

In particular, for each drink - a certain type of glass.

The opening of the taste and bouquet is influenced by the shape of the glass, which regulates the air exchange and directs the liquid to the taste buds.

Wine glasses

Goblets for wine there are dozens of varieties. The choice is focused primarily on the type of wine (acidity, density, strength and so on).
If the glasses are chosen for red wine, whichMore saturated, fragrant and dense unlike white, then the correct glass should be large and wide, with a narrowing throat, which is called - "pot-bellied." This form detains oxygen inside and allows not to scatter the bouquet. In addition, such a glass provides swallowing in small sips and stimulating the taste zones, which determine the astringency and density of the drink.
For white wine glasses are selected moreElongated and expanded from above. White wine, unlike red wine, is served chilled, and the flavor does not matter as much as flavor. Drinking from this glass is more intense, which allows you to feel the fullness of taste.
Dessert and fortified wines are served in smallGlasses or glasses, designed only for a couple of sips. These wines are sweeter, and therefore the small throats allow the receptors at the tip of the tongue, responsible for sweetness, to be more fully utilized. In addition, dessert and fortified wines are drunk in small quantities, which means that the glasses should not exceed the permissible rate of use.
If we talk about the material of execution, then the glasses for wine are best chosen from crystal or unpainted glass, in order to taste the color of the drink and the play of light flares together with taste.

Glasses for soft drinks

Along with alcoholic products, drinking ordinaryDrinks also has its own characteristics. Picking up glasses for different lemonades and juices, you need to focus on the color of the drink, its density and structure.
Carbonated drinks are served in high andWide enough glass to add ice cubes. In addition, in such a glass, air exchange is effected without hindrance, ensuring the play of carbon dioxide compounds.
For natural juices, the most optimalLow wide glasses of thick glass. In such containers, the density of the juice is distributed most evenly. Lighter juice-containing drinks and cocktails can be served in tall, thin cylinders of the correct cylindrical shape called "highball".

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