HOW to use unnecessary cosmetics.
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How to choose the right anti-aging cosmetics

How to choose the right anti-aging cosmetics

To cosmetics, declared as a rejuvenating really fulfill its function, certain components must be kept in it.

Most of the funds, especially the budget, which is written on the labels of "lifting", "35-, 45-, and any number plus", in fact - just a very nutritious due to oil complexes.

In the epidermis tone, facial contours and wrinkles such cosmetics has no effect.

And what are the ingredients will help in the fight for the youth of the skin?

Consider some of them.

DMAE (dimethylaminoethanol) refers to a class of neuroprotective (stimulatingbrain) substances. It has an antioxidant effect and turns when administered in acetylcholine - a biologically active substance that is responsible for the transmission of impulses from nerve cells. In cosmetology DMAE is used as a preparation for mesotherapy and creams, which provide a very noticeable effect - the skin thickens, improves skin tone and elasticity, leaving laxity and facial wrinkles. DMAE - one of the most desirable components in the anti-aging creams. Tip: buy in Russia means to him on the available money is difficult, but can help out online shopping - in the United States have the choice of a relatively low-cost means to a good percentage of DMAE in the composition.

means Example: Intensive Nutrition, DMAE 3%, Anti-Aging Gel, price iherb.com - 49,6 dollars.

Peptides - A chain of amino acid residues, in fact -"Under-protein" building blocks of all our body, including the skin, which with age becomes less as the protein synthesis is naturally reduced. The cosmetic use certain types of peptides, usually "short" - di- and tri-peptides (the most popular tripeptide - Matrixyl) penta-, hexapeptides (most recent known Argireline), so-called copper peptide - protein compound "tail" with ions copper. The main role of the peptides in the cream - stimulus collagen synthesis. They also provide the restoration of the skin, have anti-inflammatory effects, and other no less useful attributes.

Example tools: TEANA, rejuvenating gel for the skin around the eyes from the facial wrinkles, the price - 657 rubles.

hyaluronic acid (One of polysaccharides) - powerful humectant, andmost importantly - related to our body. Hyaluronate found in cartilage, biological fluids (e.g., saliva) and in the skin, while participating in the regeneration of tissues. Means of hyaluronic acid in the composition (most often - in the form of sodium hyaluronate) helps to retain moisture in the intercellular space, thus - to maintain smoothness and elasticity of the skin and literally "hold" oval.

Example tools: Crown of Siberia, Hyaluronic water price in the company's online store - 250 rubles.

Coenzyme Q10 (ubiquinone) is synthesized by the human body, is involvedin the process of cellular respiration, oxygen supply to the tissues and energy metabolism. Not only did he himself is an antioxidant, but also restores the activity of vitamin E. Use of ubiquinone to help remove the "tired" mesh of wrinkles around the eyes, restore tired skin freshness, organize exchange processes. This is one of the most "well-aimed" free radical catchers, a modern woman does not need to explain the value of such ingredients.

Example tools: Nivea Cream Q10 PLUS anti-aging hand, the price - about 100 rubles.

Note that many of the ingredients thatfighting for the youth of our skin to be effective not only in creams and cocktails for mesotherapy. A well-chosen supplements also have a positive impact on the state of the epidermis, acting inside the body

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