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How to choose a blanket


Every man sleeps a third of his life</a>

A blanket ? It is an indispensable thing for sleep.

Every man sleeps a third of his life, and some dormies spend more of their lives in bed.

How well you choose a blanket depends on your comfort during sleep. And sleep is the best way to restore vitality and energy.

After a hard day, most people dream of being in bed and hiding behind a warm, cozy blanket.

It should be noted that the choice of blankets should be treated very responsibly and proceed from personal needs.



Blankets come in several sizes: Lorry, double and euro. There are differences in the materials from which the blanket is made. There are various types of fillers, of which a blanket is made: synthetic, natural, vegetable. And also blankets made of sheep's wool, camel wool and synthetic fiber.


When choosing a blanket, you must first of allFollow your own preferences. In terms of the degree of heat, blankets come in five different categories, and usually, each category is marked with points: very warm (five points), warm (four points), normal or all-season (three points), light (two points), summer (one point) .


When choosing the category of heat, you need to considerYour individual characteristics. Do you ever feel hot, or do you get cold all the time? It also takes into account the temperature regime in your apartment. Do you like hiding yourself with a heavy blanket or do you prefer that the blanket be weightless.


When choosing the size of a blanket, consider how much bed linen you plan to use.

If you sleep together, but under different blankets, it is more advisable to buy two blankets of a lorry than two blankets of double.

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