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Initially, decide whether you want a plasma TV or a more appropriate panel

You have decided to buy a flat screen TV, but do not know which of the many options to choose? In the years since the first appearance of plasma, this product has evolved many times.

To ensure that the proposed vendor ideal option for you, you need to familiarize themselves with its specifications.



Initially, decide whether you want a plasmaTV or a more appropriate panel. If you simply tired of the old screen and wanted to buy something bigger and more abruptly, it is preferable to be a TV. If you want to equip a home theater experience, better to choose a panel. It is characterized by a variety of ports and connectors, the presence of additional accessories and features.


Rate diagonal of the proposed option. Plasma was divided into three categories with less than 40 inches diagonal, from 41 to 49 and 50 inches. Note that for 42-inch normal viewing distance? 3 meters, but for the 50? already 4 meters. If you try to sit down closer, the ripples in the eyes guaranteed.


Now pay attention to the contrast andbrightness. The higher these numbers, the better the quality of the playback picture. The values ​​of plasma brightness varies from 450-500 cd / m² in the low-cost models to 1400-1500 cd / m? in the more advanced.


Display screen resolution is related to the number ofpixels. The higher the score, the more uniform image. For low-cost models with 42-inch resolution of 852 × 480 pixels. More advanced samples of the same size can already boast a resolution of 1024 × 768.


Do not forget to pay attention to additionaldifferences of the proposed options. It is very important to have an antistatic coating, which protects against electrostatic charge and hence attract dust from. It is impossible to ignore the anti-reflective coating. Its presence reduces the reflection of ambient light from the glass surface of the TV.
Today plasma production is booming,so everyone can find a model within our means and needs. Going to buy this product seriously and making an informed choice, you will receive from your purchase a lot of fun.

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