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How to choose a pacifier

How to choose a pacifier

Pacifier should be selected depending on the age. Their sizes are different: for example, the teats are available for children from birth to three months, from birth to six months, from six months of age and older.

Conveniently, for each age period, there are two or three pacifiers.

Regardless of the type of feeding -artificial mixed or breast - most babies do not fully realize their need to suck. There are kids who are very restless sleep. And so, and others can help pacifier. It is only important to choose the right it.

What are pacifiers

Modern manufacturers of children's productsDummy made of latex or silicone. The latex or rubber refers to natural materials, compared with silicon it is softer, but not so durable. These pacifiers are suitable for premature infants or debilitated. It should be borne in mind that the latex contains a protein molecule - in some cases cause allergic reactions.
Silicone - a synthetic material, allergicreactions it was not noticed. Silicone nipples flexible, elastic and durable than latex. Full-term baby with a strong sucking reflex is better to buy a silicone pacifier.
The shape of the nipple may be anatomical - withelongated or flattened elliptical papilla, and orthodontic - with oblique papilla. Dummy orthodontic type, which is located in the mouth to capture it well, the child has to make the upper jaw forward - as well as to grip the chest.
Anatomic teat distributes pressure on the skymore evenly. Choosing a pacifier should not only depending on the condition of the baby's health, but also on the type of feeding, and from the child's preferences. Modern pacifiers are equipped with special ventilation system, which is provided free air circulation and relief from the inside of the disc will not let accumulate saliva and the skin under the pacifier will not get wet.

How to use a pacifier

Ideally, to eight months of pacifiersturns refuse. You can later, but should not be delayed. Attention baby teethers can be switched on, which in shape and color are very diverse. But we should remember that the use of pacifiers after a year can spoil the bite.
Some parents give the baby a pacifier duringwinter walks, for fear that the cold air gets into the respiratory tract. But do not be - in the absence of a cold baby breathe only through your nose, and dummy is simply superfluous.
When using pacifiers should not be forgottensanitary rules - silicone pacifier should be changed about once a month and a half, latex - every three months. It is necessary to disinfect by boiling, store in a clean pacifier closed case.

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