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How to choose the oven for the kitchen


Oven - a mandatory attribute of any modern kitchen. It allows you to quickly prepare a variety of dishes, while retaining all their useful properties.

There are two types of ovens - gas and electric.

And those and others have both its obvious advantages and some disadvantages.

Electric Oven & ndash- most practical

According to many housewives, the title of thepracticality and functionality can apply an electric oven. It features a large variety of built-in's functions, modes of preparation of food. This electric oven is much safer gas. Its disadvantage is that unless a sufficiently high energy intensity. One standard electric oven consumes almost as much energy as the rest of the appliances in the kitchen together.

To choose an electric oven, check its power

By the way, presented on the market today andelectric ovens average power, which consumes not much energy. Optimal for home use are considered to be a model, capacity of which ranges from 2 to 4 kW. The average cooking time for such enclosures is approximately 30 minutes. Therefore, to choose an electric oven, pre-class ask him energosberegaemosti.

The cost of electric ovens ratherdiverse. In the home appliance stores are dozens of models that differ primarily in the number of built-in functions are. If you plan to cook a lot and often, it makes sense to buy a more expensive model, with different temperature regimes. If using the oven you plan infrequently, there is no need to pay for features that you almost certainly will not be useful.

Choose an electric oven is not so difficult!

The standard width of electric ovensis about 60 cm. This cabinet is ideal for cooking meat and fish, as well as baking. However, the market offers models and more impressive size, the width of which can be more than 100 cm. However, such cases are not practical in everyday terms & ndash- they are too bulky and take up too much space. Therefore, if you are not going to cook complex meals for 10 or more people at the same time, it is better to restrict the size of typical oven.

Choose an electric oven you can helpmanagement consultants electrical store. They must also tell you about the features built into it. When buying oven pay attention not only on the related cooking parameters, but also on a purely practical things. For example, it is desirable that the oven was equipped with a function & laquo-cold & raquo- door time and a timer. They will make the cooking process is not only enjoyable, but also very convenient.

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