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How to choose an oven


How to choose an oven</a>

The oven is an indispensable kitchen unit for those who like to cook.

In appearance it is a simple device, but its choice must be approached carefully, given the types of ovens and their purpose.

Electricity or gas?

Gas oven, as a rule, is cheaper inBut electric models can boast a wider model range, more functions and several options for heating. Some models can be equipped with built-in steam cookers or microwave ovens.

Oven size and temperature

If the hostess plans to bake ChristmasGeese or festive turkeys, you will need a large capacity oven. It is desirable that the oven was equipped with a large glass and bright lighting, the glass unit should not be heated above 50oC.

Most ovens heat up to a maximum of 250 ° C, but you can find models in which you can set the temperature at 300 ° C.

In the event that standard dishes are cooked in the oven, its size should be chosen, focusing on the size of the kitchen, so that the oven does not interfere and does not cause discomfort with its dimensions.

Oven Features

Modern ovens are often equipped withTelescopic guides for baking trays, so you can not be afraid that the baking tray will jam or capsize. Some models are equipped with sliding doors, so the pan leaves with the door, which is very convenient.

If you need to prepare 2 different dishes, you can find an oven with a special horizontal partition, thanks to which in the oven there are 2 compartments, and the smells of the prepared dishes do not mix.

Many ovens have a steam supply, which is necessary for some recipes, but in addition, it is also used to clean the oven by stripping it.

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