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How to choose oil box

How to choose oil box

Gearbox - an important element of the car, from the nature of its work depends on how responsive the car will obey your orders, and how optimally to work the engine.

To transmission was stable, it is necessary to use the correct lubricants.



Open the instruction manual of the car,there is bound to be given the necessary oil viscosity, temperature, and other parameters. You must strictly follow these guidelines when selecting oil.


Lubricating oils provide extreme pressure and protivoiznosye properties, as a teaser in the transmissions are rare, it is guided to the oil anti-wear properties.


Oils are classified according to quality (the systemAPI classification) and viscosity (System of Classification SAE). The last digit in the above API classification, the better the oil. Most modern cars are suitable oil GL-5 and GL-6 according to API classification. For older models better suited VAZ class GL-4 oils.


Classification SAE can help in the selection of winter oil - in the cold season, the transmission oil must be used, of which the name comes index W.


The oils may be mineral, synthetic and semi-synthetic substrate. For the transmission base does not really matter, but the mineral oil will be much more profitable from an economic point of view.


Many oil producers have assured thattransmission can be used motor oil. This is true only in the case of the top manufacturers. In any case, it is better to consult a mechanic before pouring into the transmission the engine oil.


Before changing the oil in the gearbox it is required to clean and wash, as a new tool, and remnants of the old may not be compatible.


For automatic transmissions requiredA special low-viscosity liquid. Manufacturers oils developed a special classification for such liquids - ATF. Only such a lubricant can be used for automatic, filling in their usual gear oil, you are risking to bring the mechanism of action.

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