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How to choose the music for the celebration of the anniversary

Pick up music for the holiday</a>

Favorite songs and incendiary rhythms perfectly raise mood and promote rallying of visitors practically on any holiday. Under the music there are contests, dances, breaks in noisy feasts.

It can also become a background supplement. To pick up music for the anniversary, you need to build on the age of the birthday and his preferences

The very first round date in a person's life -decade. Young schoolchildren, as a rule, are proud and feel unusually older. On holiday are invited as classmates, and friends "from outside", therefore the company can turn out miscellaneous.

For the celebration of the jubileeMusic from recently released cartoons. At this age, the sex of the child should be taken into account. Girls will be pleasantly dizzy under light sounds from stories about princesses. Boys should include more dynamic melodies, equipped with various special effects.

Making up a playlist for the 20th anniversary,Pay close attention to the world's leading musical trends. Learn the latest charts, focusing on your favorite style of jubilee. For competitions, choose fun, winding melodies (even children's songs are suitable).

The 30th anniversary may beModern rhythms, and melodies of many years ago. At this age, a person often remembers the entrainment of youth, so he certainly will like the music from old movies / charts of the past decade. An excellent assistant in the preparation of the ideal playlist will be audio recordings, added by a jubilee in social networks.

Forty years to celebrate is not widely accepted. However, modern people rarely pay attention to popular superstition, and arrange a holiday. You can not do without music here. At this age, the background is rarely noticed, being carried away by communication and reading congratulations. For dances, the popular music, several years ago, as well as retro compositions are suitable.

The jubilee with the figure "50" today often becomesNoisy and spectacular event. It just seems that people of this age do not know how to have fun: they can outdo the youth by the energy and quality of the holiday. The best musical choice will be retro compositions and karaoke. Give the hero of the day and his guests the opportunity to independently choose and perform songs.

60-year-old and subsequent jubilees celebrate widelynot always. But if your relative wants to "walk wide", pick the right music. The tip is better to ask the birthday boy. He will name both his beloved contemporary performers and musicians of the past.

Note: At this age the jubilee is unlikely to like the songs of fashionable foreign artists. A good option can be popular and table music of well-known melodies. Their words and motive know almost everything that will enable guests and birthday to show their vocal data. Typically, this approach will help to make an ideal playlist for celebrating the 70-year and subsequent anniversaries.

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