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How to choose material for interior door

Material for doors

Basic requirements to the material interior door - environmental friendliness and practicality.

Based on these parameters, and the door should be chosen.

Remember that each material has its own pros and cons.

We consider these in more detail.

The most popular material for door - itOf course, solid mass of wood. These doors are very durable, durable, wear-resistant, well-insulated and warm sound. In addition, they have the variety of colors and finishes. On the other hand, wooden doors may swell from moisture, are heavy and can sag over time. As a viable alternative, you can buy doors from glued solid wood. For the same characteristics of their price is much lower.
Doors made of natural veneer on a popularityslightly inferior to the doors of solid hardwood. They are much cheaper and at the same time is very environmentally friendly, can withstand temperature extremes, beautiful look. But the disadvantages of such doors are essential: veneer shrinks over time and stratified, the door under the influence of the sun darkens. They are extremely unstable to moisture and they do not fit any detergents. This door to the bathroom does not deliver, but for storage or internal doors - a great option.
Laminate flooring is not only used for floors. From it also made the door, and the price is not exorbitant. Laminated doors much easier wood or veneer, less prone to deformations and scratches. Laminate Unlike veneer not afraid of the sun and humidity. On the other hand, these doors do not keep warm, have poor soundproofing. In addition, the laminate tends to flake off, which, of course, has a bad effect on the quality of the door, and her appearance. Such doors can be put entirely into the kitchen or the bathroom.
Glass as a material for doors gainingmore and more popular. This is a great option for a bathroom or toilet, since the glass for obvious reasons, is not afraid of moisture, mold and mildew. Besides glass modern looks. can be attributed to their great weight to the downside glass doors, fragility, high price and complicated installation, which is hardly possible without the involvement of specialists.
Plastic - a good budget option for the doors tooffice. Plastic does not require special care, durable, resistant to weathering. At the same time, plastic - an artificial polymer material is not breathable and not environmentally friendly. In addition, it does not retain heat and is easily deformed.

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