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How to choose the material for the interior door


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The main requirements for the material of the interior doors are environmental compatibility and practicality.

Based on these parameters, and should choose the door.

Remember that each material has its pros and cons.

Let us consider them in more detail.

The most popular material for the door is,Of course, a solid array of wood. Such doors are very durable, strong, wear-resistant, well insulate heat and sound. In addition, they have a variety of colors and finishes. On the other hand, wooden doors can swell from moisture, have a lot of weight and can eventually age. As a worthy alternative, you can buy doors from a glued array of wood. With the same characteristics, the price for them will be much lower.
Doors made of natural veneer by popularity onlySlightly inferior to the doors of a solid solid wood. They are much cheaper and at the same time very environmentally friendly, withstand temperature changes, look beautiful. But the disadvantages of such doors are significant: over time veneer dries up and exfoliates, the doors under the influence of the sun darken. They are extremely unstable to moisture and they do not fit any detergents. You can not put such a door in the bathroom, but for a closet or an internal door - an excellent option.
Laminate is used not only for floors. It also produces doors, and the price for them is far from sky-high. Laminated doors are much lighter than wood or veneer, less prone to deformation and scratches. Laminate, unlike veneer, is not afraid of sun and moisture. On the other hand, such doors do not hold heat at all, they have poor sound insulation. In addition, the laminate has the property of exfoliating, which, of course, badly affects the quality of the door and its appearance. Such doors can be put in the kitchen or in the bathroom.
Glass as a material for the door is gainingMore and more popularity. This is an excellent option for a bathroom or toilet, since the glass for obvious reasons is not afraid of moisture, mold and fungus. In addition, the glass looks modern. The minuses of glass doors include their great weight, fragility, high price and complicated installation, which is hardly possible without the involvement of specialists.
Plastic - a good budget option for the door inoffice. Plastic does not require special care, is durable, resistant to weathering. At the same time, plastic is a polymeric artificial material that is not breathing and is far from being environmentally friendly. In addition, it does not retain heat and is easily deformed.

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