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How to choose the material for curtains


How to choose the material for curtains</a>

Decorating windows should be given special attention, because otherwise the interior will not look complete.

Curtains protect from drafts and optimize light fluxes.

They protect from curious tenants from the next house.

Only you decide what to choose - originality or sophistication, childish naivety or classical rigor.

We'll tell you how to choose the right textile for window decoration.

Purchase of material for curtains
Before you go to the store for readyCurtains or cloth for them, you need to decide what you need to buy. If you previously had no affairs with decorating the window, you can easily "get lost" in curtain models or fabric names, confuse a tapestry with a lambrequin or, without seeing the difference, buy instead of Roman curtains Austrian.
You need to know what fabrics can be used in the chosen curtain model, and which ones do not. It is necessary to consider correctly what will decorate your room, and what will bring disharmony into the house.
Suitable material for curtains
For example, tough and harsh fabrics are capable ofGive the apartment a strict look. Such fabrics include unpainted dense flax, hemp fabrics, which are now popular. These materials you can safely dilute with a thin organza and flowing silk, then you get a romantic, light and refined composition.
Plush, velvet or taffeta - these materials are suitableTo create fashionable details, they can fully decorate any window. They can be combined with light transparent matter, for example, tulle. Curtains made of velvet are suitable for a bedroom or living room.

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