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How to choose a hood in the kitchen


Choice of kitchen hoods</a>

When choosing a cooker hood, you need to consider a variety of factors, without taking into account which, you run the risk of incurring significant losses.

You will need

  • - knowledge of the dimensions of the cooker



If you want to buy a hood for the kitchen, youYou should know that if you make a mistake with its choice and installation, you will not only buy a pacifier, but also spoil the kitchen set. Before you go to the store, you need to perform the measurement of the stove. If you have not bought a slab, measure the dimensions of the slab you plan to purchase. You will need data on the width and depth of the plate.


After you become aware of the sizeYou can go for a hood. Why was it necessary to take measurements? From the stove comes a lot of heat, which if the wrong choice of hood will certainly spoil the facing of the kitchen set. Proceeding from this, the extracted hood should be ten centimeters wider than the width of the plate and five centimeters above its depth. Thus, when installing the hood on each side of the slab remains five centimeters of free space, which at the correct height of the hood will draw all the heat from the gas stove.


When it comes to installing the hood,Note that the most optimal system height above the gas stove is from sixty to seventy centimeters. If you set the hood above 70 centimeters? Spoil the headset, because the hood will not suck up all the heat, if it is installed below 60 centimeters above the level of the plate? You will burn plastic parts of the hood design.

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