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How to choose a good china

Beautiful and high quality porcelain

Often faced with the fact that when you buy porcelain at home or especially in the present, people have resorted to the advice of sellers to make the right choice.

But you can not always trust someone else's advice, it is best in such cases, to understand themselves, so as not to make a mistake and do not buy low-quality dishes.



Qualitative porcelain must always be thin but strong. The thinner the porcelain, the more expensive it is. So, the most expensive porcelain can even see their own hands through the wall of the cup.


This produces porcelain jingle, if for him to hit with a wooden stick. The purity of this sound indicates that there is no material damage.


Color quality porcelain - white or slightly creamy.


The surface of the porcelain cup and saucer must be perfectly smooth, without bumps and dents.


Drawing on the product must be uniform and neat.


And having a good reputation, of course, to buy high-quality porcelain should only be in certain stores.

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