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CHOOSING A curtain design for the living room

Choosing the design of curtains for the living room

Living room - the center of the house.

Its name is very symbolic: in the living room welcome guests. This is the first and probably the only room that is open to prying eyes.

It all has to be perfect.

A little about the living room

The living room should be beautiful: furniture combined with each other, accessories not attract undue attention to themselves. Every object in the room has to bear certain semantic accent, the promise. Living room, made in one color, it may seem boring. A much greater variety in appearance of the room can add bright accents. Do not overdo it too much eye-catching details make the living room and tasteless caller. Modern designers pay much attention to the details that convey the mood and atmosphere of the room.

Even 10 years ago, the wall curtains perform a function. Now it is a full-fledged element of decor that can change the whole concept and the mood of the room.

Curtains are a large and important part of decoration. They should be long enough to cover the window completely. But thus have folds, so as not to effect quadruple wall. In addition one must have curtains of tulle, which will protect the room from the bright sunlight during the day. The classic version - tulle and black-out curtains. However, if you blackout curtains seem too bulky and heavy, they can be replaced by lighter, used them in several rows.

A few tips for choosing the curtains

Bright accents of the room, should differ by no more than one tone color from another. Ideal for all these elements were the same color.

The color elements are designed in the same style,will show you in person, tracking fashion trends in decor. To start, decide what color you like, what you want to highlight in the room. Curtains fairly large element of the room, along with furniture, so if you have decided to diversify the living room at their expense, it is better to refrain from striking other large items. In addition, changing the curtains alone, you can change the whole look of the room.
If there are patterns on the walls, it is better to choose plain curtains, no pictures, not to get excessive variegation. Solid blinds perfectly fit into any interior.
Do not underestimate the curtains with patterns. They, like the curtains of bright colors can decorate the room, add to it a variety. They should act very carefully. Intricate pattern should be diluted with neutral walls. Figure curtains need not be eye-catching, it can be formed as a stamping. Then we can not restrain myself in decorating the living room, and not to limit the imagination to work.
Curtains can be any color exceptwhite. They are best used in combination with other shades of colors. Since there is hardly a room with white walls, curtains that color will be unnatural look in any room. Therefore, to give natural white curtains add to them the curtains of dark colors. Received an excellent option multilayer design of the space around the window.
These are the basic rules for the selection of curtains in the living room. As you can see, the subject opens up great possibilities for the imagination.

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