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How to choose the color of the floor and doors

How to choose the color of the floor and doors

When repairing the premises need to follow the right combination of colors that will be used in the interior. Much attention we pay to the wallpaper and furniture, but about the floor and doors completely forget.

The room will be uncomfortable to look at bad color combination.

Shades of colors are warm or cold, and isit is important to keep in mind when choosing the color of the floor and doors. Option "light floor - light door" is best in cases where there is no confidence in the right choice of color combinations. It should be used for interior room only warm color palette of beige wood, for example, the light alder, birch, acacia. With these shades easy to work with, because they are well infused into the interior of the premises.

This combination is bright and dark floor doors,It looks great in large rooms, but in this case it seems that the door stand out against the wall. Smooth this effect is possible by means of a plinth, which will be the link between the door and the floor. We should choose the color of the baseboards, and that the door to the floor.

Dark flooring and bright door - a good combination, which is used in rooms with windows, staring northward. Skirting for dark floor and bright windows are selected mainly in the color of the door.

Option "dark floor and dark door" is used very often. These rooms look rich through a combination of dark and noble color palette.

Pretty hard to work with a black color, whichrarely chosen for the floors. At first glance, the color of the floor should be suited to almost everything, but it is not. The subfloor is used in combination with cold hues, along with bright and warm looks out of place.

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