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Qualitative parquet with proper care can last for more than 30 years, flooring - about 20, and laminate - 8-10 years.

Under these terms of service and current prices for the floor covering is not surprising that the choice of floor color - not an easy question.



Desirably, the floor covering could shadego to any color of furniture, doors and walls. In this case, in the future you will not have problems with the selection of colors of the interior during the re-decoration. The most versatile floor shades are honey, light oak, alder. Try not to give preference too bright colors, pick warm, pastel shades.


If you pick up the color of the floor for a long time, whenpurchase coverage golden hues is necessary to pay attention not only on the saturation of the color, but the texture and degree of haze. Gloss always looks great, but can sometimes upset the cozy atmosphere in the room, so it is preferable to use, for example, living room or dining room. For the bedroom can be a more suitable option mat flooring with textured. Red shades floors combine well with green accents. Red, brown and yellow colors also look orange pretty interesting.


Another long-term goal floor colorIt is black, it is relevant at all times. Dark woods are quite universal, but may not be suitable for rooms with a small area, even if they make it easier bright wallpaper and furniture, that are equally valid. Black floor looks very elegant in combination with gold, he can give the room an atmosphere of luxury and comfort at the same time. Never use a dark color for the floor space with poor lighting, of course, if you do not want to intentionally create a gloomy, gloomy atmosphere. Remember that in the low areas subfloor is rarely used, but it is allowed in conjunction with a bright ceiling and bright, cheerful accessories.

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Very popular today is self-leveling floorphoto printing. This is a great option for those who want to bring into your life a little bit of bright colors. Of course, this kind of flooring is very practical and colorful image will lift your mood every day. Self-leveling floor with photo printing can be combined with virtually any interior design solutions and flowers, its use is limited only by your imagination and taste.

Self-leveling floor with photo printing

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