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How to choose the color of eyebrow pencil

How to choose the color of eyebrow pencil

Pencil - the most popular and accessible means for the correction of eyebrows.

To quickly and accurately to tint the hair, choose the right texture and tools shade.

Do not make too dark eyebrow - pencil color depends on your skin tone, eyes and hair.

Pencils: what they are

Emphasize eyebrow line is most convenientspecial pencil. It has a firmer texture than the liner for eyelids. This pencil gives you the opportunity to draw short strokes, imitating natural hair. A good eyebrow pencil is not smeared, but shaded applicator if necessary. More often than not lead to sharpened brow, but the market can find and automatic liners.

It is more convenient to use thin pencils - theydraw clear lines of neat. Choose tools on the basis of wax or powdery. These pencils give a bright line with a slight natural sheen, tinted brows will look most natural.

Choosing the right shades

Color pencil eyebrow depends on the tone of yourhair. This jet black liner should not even use the burning brunette. Too old and dark eyebrows give the face a grim expression. Black-haired girl suit, dark brown and charcoal pencils.

Focus on skin tone. If it has a pinkish undertone, prefer pencils in the cold gray colors. Owners warm golden or cream leather suit soft browns. Avoid pencils with reddish or reddish tinge - they look unnatural.

Warm light-skinned blondes fitash-beige pencils. Girls with very blond hair and pinkish skin should pay attention to the soft gray scale. Red-haired shades of camel's hair go, and Light Brown - Light brown and sand. Brunettes with a reddish shade of hair you can try warm brown and maroon-brown liners. To a cold gray hair and a snow-white skin pick up the steel-colored pencils.

Tips and tricks for beautiful brows

With age is slightly soften the colors. If you've used a dark brown color, try a pencil in gray-beige tones. Instead of dark-gray liners try on steel and ash. Another option - to tint eyebrows usual color, and then lightly powder them with a small flat brush. A person becomes younger, and look - soft and mysterious.

The brightness of the color depends on the texture of the pencil. If the selected tone seems too dull, on top of the liner, apply colorless wax or gel. The purse is not either one or the other? Try to grease a small amount of petroleum jelly eyebrows - it will give hairs lacking luster.

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