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How to choose the cheapest moped

How to choose the cheapest moped

The choice is always supported by the technology is complex andIt requires the buyer not only care, but also the certain knowledge. Seller is always seeking to sell their goods as expensive as possible, despite the fact that he does not possess the stated properties.

But this is not to say that all the b / y goods of poor quality.

Competent and responsible approach will be enough to continue to be disappointed in buying.

engine Inspection

Start with the very essence of the problem. Buy and do not like anyone to repair immediately. Decide on what can be saved to a moped was decent quality, but slowed down in price.
First and foremost, check the engine, because itjust the main link, on what can not be save. The fact that the seller washed engine - it does not mean that it is carefully and conscientiously applied to mopeds, maybe he wanted to hide those places where const engine oil.
Such engine to pay special attention. Between the engine base and side covers must be gasket, which prevents the oil leak from the engine. Its absence indicates that the previous owner of the engine eliminated any problem, you should check with him about it. Seal under the foot a kick-starter must be in a dry state. Next, inspect the fuel-distribution mechanisms.

They are of two kinds: the first of them - the carburetor mechanism, the second - Injection.

Carburetor engine type is significantly cheaper,and the deal will be easier in the carburetor. If suddenly a failure, the replacement parts will not be burdensome its price. engine sound should be smooth and slightly howling. Howl shows a good condition of the motor circuit. Depressing the clutch, the howling must cease. No bells, crackles and interruptions in the work should not be. The presence of ringing in the cylinder indicates a significant deterioration of the piston pin. Cod often publish crankshaft. Their failure will lead to engine seizure. Interruptions in the work - this is a spark plug or an electric coil, as it is called, Babina. Transmission must be switched easily. When switching any of the rates should not fly or jam.

Operation of a moped with a manual gearbox much lighter than with a box-type motorcycle.

Inspection chassis and outer part

Looking around the chassis, look at the circuit,tires, front and rear shock absorbers. The chain must be covered by a special casing that is well protected from dust. Tyres should not be cracked, and the value of the tread must not be less than three millimeters. Shock absorbers should give smooth movement. The presence of oil stains indicative of the poor quality of the shock absorber seals.
Turning to the wall motorcycle, it should be notedit's just that, on what can be saved. The presence of nicks and scratches in the permissible amount substantially bring down the price. The main thing that there was no rust naramnye cracks.

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