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How to choose books on physiognomy


How to choose books on physiognomy</a>

Physiognomy is the science of the reactions of the human face to physical emotional stimuli.

In a broader sense, physiognomy reveals a connection between the external manifestations of a person (including appearance, facial expressions, gestures) and his character.

Books of the Sophists

Physiognomy is a science with deep roots. For the first time the very term "physiognomy" was applied by the "father of medicine" - Hippocrates. At different times, physiognomy researchers were called heretics, charlatans and prophets, "God's messengers." The first works on physiognomy are considered to be the books of the Sophists. Sophists - ancient researchers of paradoxes and contradictions, teachers of eloquence. So far, such works by the sophists as "The Book of Physiognomy" by Esfren and "Face and Character" by Afronisius have reached us.

What people are talking about

Involuntarily you trust the person who collectedInformation for the book more than 40 years. Psychologist Robert Whiteside, with his fundamental work "What the Faces Speak," has made physiognomy popular among ordinary people.
"What people talk about" is richly illustrated, itRepresents the greater part of human emotions. Fans of this book say that it helps to determine the character of a person even before he utters a word. Despite the fact that such enthusiastic statements are not easy to trust, "What people are talking about" has become a global bestseller and has been sold by more than three million copies.

"Trick me"

The series "Deceive me" (Lie to me) became a cultThanks to the plot connected with physiognomy. The hero of the film, Dr. Laitman, is able to expose human lies on the facial expressions and gestures of a person, the intonation of speech. His advice is used by federal services and investigators, considering the innocence (guilt) of the suspects.
The ability to distinguish the "mimicry of lies" is one of theThe most important tasks of the science of physiognomy. There are a number of books on this subject. The book of the American scientist Paul Ekman "Psychology of lies. Deceive me, if you can "is an exciting work of the genre non-fiction (not fiction). In addition to the fact that it is connected in meaning with the series, it considers the vitally useful techniques of exposing lies in real life.

Secrets of the face

The book "Secrets of the Face" by Francis Thomas shared hisMillion "army" of readers on two fronts. Some censors criticized the author's approach to the generalization of non-obvious logical chains and his "megalomania". Others admired the work done and used the "Secrets of the Face" in practice - with the reception of employees, evaluation of partners and customers, the establishment of friendly and friendly relations. The book of Francis Thomas for the first time set itself the goal of answering not only the question "how does the appearance of a person affect character," but also "why does this happen."

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