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How to choose a book on physiognomy

How to choose a book on physiognomy

Physiognomy - the study of the reactions of the human person to physical emotional stimuli.

In a broader sense physiognomy reveals the connection between the external manifestations of human (including appearance, facial expressions, gestures) and his character.

Books Sophists

Physiognomy - science with deep roots. For the first time the term "physiognomy" was applied to the "father of medicine" - Hippocrates. At different times of physiognomy researchers called heretics, prophets and charlatans, "God's messengers." The first works on physiognomy is considered to be the book of the Sophists. The sophists - the ancient scholars of paradoxes and contradictions, teachers of rhetoric. To have survived such works of the Sophists as "The Book of physiognomy" Esfrena and "person and nature" Afronisiya.

What do persons

Involuntarily trust a man gatheringinformation for the book more than 40 years. Psychologist Robert Whiteside his seminal work "On the face than say" physiognomy made popular among ordinary people.
"What do the faces" is richly illustrated, itIt represents most of human emotions. Fans of the book say that it helps to define the character of the person before he utters even a word. Despite the fact that such enthusiastic statements difficult to trust, "What do face" became an international bestseller and was sold to the amount in excess of three million copies.

"Trick me"

The series "Lie to me» (Lie to me) became a cultthrough the story associated with physiognomy. The film's protagonist, Dr. Lightman, can expose human lie on human facial expressions and gestures, tone of voice. His advice is used federal services and investigators examining innocence (guilt) suspects.
The ability to distinguish between "mimicry lies" is one of thethe most important tasks of science of physiognomy. There are a number of books on the subject. The book is the American scientist Paul Ekman "Psychology of lies. Lie to me if you can "- is an exciting work of non-fiction genre (non-fiction). Besides the fact that it is associated in meaning with the TV series, it addresses the vital useful techniques expose the lies in real life.

Mystery person

The book "Secrets of the Face" Francis Thomas divided hismillionth "army" of readers on two fronts. Some censors criticized the author's approach to the generalization of non-obvious logical chain and its "megalomania". Others admired the work done and used the "Secrets of the face" in practice - at the reception employees, evaluation of partners and customers, the establishment of friendly and friendly relations. Book Thomas Francis for the first time set a goal to answer not only the question "How does a person's appearance on the character," but also "why this is happening."

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