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How to choose the best network card

How to choose the best network card

NIC is a device thatinstalled in your computer in order to support the work of the Internet. Each card has its own characteristics, which affect the speed and stability of connection.

Depending on these parameters, and Internet connection requirements should choose the right map.

connection speed

When you purchase a network card main parameterIt is implemented by connection speed. On the market today are the most accessible device with the ability to connect to 100 Mbit / s or 1 Gb / s internet channel. If you plan to use the card only for Internet connectivity, you can choose a less expensive option with a capacity of up to 100 Mbit / s. However, if you are planning to organize or to connect to a local network, you need a high-speed card with 1 GB / sec.

Most network cards support PCI and PCI-E interfaces (PCI-Express) and installed in the appropriate slot of the motherboard.

Most modern motherboards haveequipped with a network module, which typically has a display rate of 100 Mbit / s. If you have a built-in interface should buy plug-in cards only when you want to access additional connection at a higher speed of 1 Gb / s.

Wireless network cards

For wireless access to the Interneton your computer, you will need to purchase a dedicated network card Wi-Fi, which allows to include the ability to transfer data from a home router via wireless technology. Features such boards also are limited to available data rate and maintain standards, which, however, are presented in full on most new cards. It is important that the network card supports data transfer over a wireless network in 802.11b / g / n standards.

additional characteristics

Choosing a network card, you should pay attention toand its manufacturer. So, when choosing products should be studied companies such as ASUS and D-Link. Companies offer high-quality adapters represented in different price categories. Equally good device available Gembird, TP-Link, Zyxel and Netgear.
An important feature of the network card ishaving its own processor, which will greatly facilitate the work of your computer while downloading large amounts of data at speeds of over 80 Mbit / s.

An additional sub-processor takes some of the load itself, increasing overall system performance when loading data packets.

The cost of the NIC can start from 200 rubles. and to reach 5000 p. However, the most productive network cards are designed for larger server hardware that provides the traffic a large number of users simultaneously.

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