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How to choose the assembly Linux Laptop

How to choose the assembly Linux Laptop

Usually laptops come with pre-installed operating system.

For example, the MacBook comes with OS X. Modern laptops from other manufacturers often equipped with Windows 7, or 8.1.

But all this increases the price of the laptop. There is a price list of computer companies and mobile device without an operating system.

Why you may need a laptop and what system is best to install it?



We are looking for a laptop without an operating system for thosewho already has a previously purchased license. For example, if you broke down the old laptop, you can activate the Windows key on the new. The second category of notebook buyers without OS - enthusiasts that install various Linux build and other alternative operating systems.


Theoretically, any Linux build, exceptsome terribly specialized, designed for personal computers, and is suitable for notebook. But the problem with the device driver search may be too complex for the average user. Have each their own characteristics and distribution installation, which would be better to consider when you install on your laptop. Therefore, we recommend that go to the resource linux-on-laptops.com. Here is the Linux assembly that exactly earned it on your laptop model. There are also reports of our domestic installers.


What do we get? First, we save money. Licensing Windows 8.1 adds to the cost of a laptop worth up to $ 100. Installing pirated version faces problems with the maintenance and updating of software, being a violation of copyright law. And for Linux now can be solved without difficulty all the daily tasks ranging from word processing, internet surfing and ending treatment rather complex graphic and video files.

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